Monday, April 16, 2007

Quick Hits - Fast O's News & the Rundown...

Even though there was not any baseball yesterday for the Orioles due to the storms that battered the East Coast, there was still quite a flurry of activity from the Warehouse.

I really did want to see what the Orioles had planned for Jackie Robinson Day.

This week, the Orioles take on the Devil Rays in Florida, and then come back to Baltimore for a weekend series against the Blue Jays.

Once again, roster changes took place on Sunday as outfielders Adam Stern and Jon Knott have been brought up from Triple-A Norfolk, while Kurt Birkins was sent back to the minors. Corey Patterson is currently on bereavement leave due to the death of his grandfather.

Well, there’s more good news – Ramon Hernandez should be back with the team on Monday to take batting practice and may rejoin the team during the Tampa Bay series. It looks like Alberto Castillo will be sent to the minors, but at least one of the big bats we need for the season (Hernandez) is back.

However, according to Spencer Fordin of the, Ramon Hernandez and Jay Payton are still questionable for the Devil Rays series.

As we are into the third week of the season, the starting pitching has been for the most part on par, but the bullpen has been nothing short of awesome. The Washington Post’s Jorge Arangure, Jr. in his article, “A Most Compatible Cast of Characters”, harks on how deep the bullpen is this season, how well they mesh as pitchers and personality wise, as well the chemistry they seem to have.

More importantly, the bullpen is worlds’ better than it was last year.

Tonight’s starters: Adam Loewen (BAL), 1-1, 1.80 ERA vs. James Shields (TB) 1-0, 4.61 ERA.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm actually not sad that Jackie Robinson day got rained out in Baltimore.

Not because I have anything against Jackie Robinson. But because I'm sure the Orioles would have found some way to screw it up.

They haven't honored someone properly since Cal Ripken Sr. passed away a few years ago.

(Even then the honor was passing. Where's the No. 7 plaque to last forever?)

Don't even get me started on Elrod Hendricks. Talk about dropping the ball! What more do you need to do for a team to get more than a nod of acknoledgement that you ever existed?!

So yeah...had the game been on, while the rest of baseball was doing great things to honor Jackie Robinson, the Orioles would have managed to find a way to screw it up.

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