Thursday, January 14, 2010

No Words For What I Have Seen...

Even though most of us fans are a world away from the earthquake that took place in Haiti, thanks to technology via the internet, digital photography and other means, the imagery conveyed in the past two days makes what happened there much more real.

There are no words that could be said of some the images that have been posted online. With part of the nation in complete devastation, people out in the streets with no where to go and projections of thousands dead, something needs to be done. If the damage to Haiti is even a small percentage of what I've seen on TV and in images, they are in for a very, very long road to recovery.

If people have the time, energy, or money, take a minute a donate to the various charities who are assisting the victims of the Earthquake in Haiti.

This blog criticizes the New York Yankees on a regular basis for their competitive advantage in the sport and for being rivals of the Orioles; however, once again in time of need, they've stepped up to the plate. On Wednesday, they donated $500,000 in support of rescue and relief efforts in Haiti.

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