Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kyle Lohse?

I am watching the Republican Debate right now (yes, I am a dork), and upon reading Roch's blog tonight, I saw this...

"The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec reported in today’s editions that the Orioles have held discussions with agent Scott Boras concerning pitcher Kyle Lohse. The club would like to add a veteran starter, but at last check, Lohse was seeking a four-year deal. I don’t see how there’s a match."

If this is true, the Orioles must be insane and I'll lose a lot of respect I had for MacPhail. This looks like a move that eerily would resemble what the old regime did (nothing against Jim Duquette, he was a good guy to me) and would be an asinine one to make.

Granted, Lohse has decent stuff, but a lot has to be said about he underachieving in the NL (ok, so he pitched in the Reds' bandbox) and his time in Minnesota.

Considering the state of the team, and the look of a rebuilding effort taking place, Baltimore must pass on Lohse, no matter how desperate the organization is.

He would be a handy warm body to throw out there. Lohse is good for someone; however, not Baltimore.

I'd rather keep Bedard than sign this guy. Honestly, we need to actually field a respectable team, and I'd rather put the ball in the hands of kid who wants to compete than a eight figure, multi-year mistake.

Granted, if we can suck with Lohse, we can suck with a youth movement.

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