Friday, June 26, 2009

A Tale of Two Former Cubs in Birdland...

Well, the Orioles got swept in Florida by the upstart Marlins in three straight games. While the opening game was thrilling, the next two contests -- um, not so much. I'm most know what happened in the next two games, but there's been a lot of ire focused on two players, both incidentally former Cubs.

Rich Hill and Felix Pie.

While the offense has come not through in the last two games, the attention on Wednesday was focused on Felix Pie's perhaps inadvertent delay in throwing the ball back to the infield that allowed speedy Emilio Bonifacio to basically score from second after an attempted throw by Matt Wieters sailed into the outfield.

Well, the next day, there was nothing short of a firestorm on local talk radio about the incident and pretty much every call wanted Pie excommunicated from the team. Ok, I know a lot of players make mental mistakes, but I guess Pie got hammered because of his less than impressive display in Birdland so far.

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