Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Matt Wieters' Impact

Heading into the season, Matt Wieters has emerged as a leader for the Baltimore Orioles. Many have argued whether or not he is a bust – despite only having played in the major leagues for less than two full seasons.

That being said, he’s far from it. So Wieters has not turned into the next Johnny Bench, or a “Mauer with Power”. The promise of the night when he debuted is still there, but it has taken a while to come to the surface.

It’s safe to say after Wieters’ 2011 season where emerged as an All-Star and a gold glove winner, he is becoming what fans thought he would be.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Leaders on the Orioles?

As we all have heard, the Washington Nationals this weekend extended third baseman Ryan Zimmerman to a lucrative contract extension. You have got to figure that he is still relatively young at 27; however, he is no doubt the leader on the field for that organization.

That being said, who is the leader, or leaders with the Baltimore Orioles?

Well, considering that the organization is rebuilding and stuck in a rut of fourteen losing seasons, is there anyone that you could point at right now and say, “He’s the man”?

Now, the Orioles certainly do not have an Albert Pujols or Derek Jeter on their roster; however, they do have some guys who could serve in that role.

The first player who on the team fills this role would be Adam Jones. He is obviously an emerging young ballplayer, has been an All-Star, a winner of a Gold Glove and is very comfortable with the media. More importantly, he seems to be a spokesperson for the team and seems to speak his mind – whether the team is on a high or floundering.

The second player who I would pick as a leader with the Orioles would be Matt Wieters. Obviously, he is not as outspoken as Jones is, but more of the type who leads by example.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wondering About Brian Matusz

If the Orioles are going to start to climb out of the basement, the organization will need to rely on their pitching corps.

With the season starting in a little bit more than a month, everyone is keeping a keen eye on southpaw Brian Matusz.

As the team is still in a rebuilding phase, despite the addition of talent onto the roster – how they will do next season and beyond will depend on their pitching. Well, Matusz is an essential part of that; therefore, everyone is hoping for the best for him and the young supply of arms in the organization.

It is no secret that 2011 was rough on the young pitcher. He started the season on the disabled list and made a few rehab starts in the minors until he came back to the majors in June.

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Thoughts on Brian Roberts

Spring Training is now underway in Florida for the Orioles, and the first full workout will take place today in the late morning.

The pitchers are working on their arsenal, mechanics and whatever else; meanwhile, the position players – at least the ones who made it into camp early – are getting their swings in order and doing their drills.

One name in particular – Brian Roberts – will be watched closely by the writers and various media down in camp.

As we all know, Roberts had missed much of the past two seasons dealing with post-concussion syndrome issues and other injuries. However, he is in Florida this week trying to prepare for the season.

Roberts has not said much to the media; however, he has been swinging off a tee and at least training. According to the Baltimore Sun, he will be taking part in workouts this morning.

That is terrific news to hear about Roberts; whether he will be ready for full-fledged baseball work remains to be seen. We do not even know if he can play a full season. Frankly, I did not even think Roberts would make it this far this soon at all.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Ryan Braun Successfully Appeals Drug Case

As you all may know by nowknow by now, Brewers' star outfielderstar outfielder Ryan Braun has successfully won his drug casesuccessfully won his drug case & avoided a fifty game suspension.

He is the first playerfirst player to ever win a drug case appealdrug case appeal in Major League Baseball.

The details of what we know about Braun's case are still very vagueare still very vague; however, it looks like may he might have gotten off due to a technicality.

That being said, what do you all think? Do you all care?

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dylan Bundy Impresses

Well, it seems that Bryce Harper – who may be playing for the Washington Nationals at some point in 2012 – has gotten a lot of attention as one of the game’s top prospects right now. However, based on what fans of the Orioles have heard in camp this week, Dylan Bundy may not be too far behind.

We, as fans are trying to latch onto anything for a sign of hope with this franchise. Bundy might be it – if all goes well.

Bundy, who was drafted out of high school by the Orioles with their number one pick in '11 raised eyes in Sarasota yesterday in a bullpen session.

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FanFest Notes & Thoughts: Dana Eveland

During Orioles FanFest, southpaw and one of the newest acquisitions in the offseason, Dana Eveland spoke with the media for a couple of minutes.

Evaland answered questions about his preparation for Spring Training, his experiences in the minors.

In addition, he spoke about the rotation, the additions to the roster and a few other things.

Here are some quotes and notes I was able to pick up from him.

His expectations heading into camp:

I like my chances. You know, there’s a lot of talent, but I like my chances; just that they need to quit signing lefties.

Normally, I am coming into spring training as one of three – maybe; now, there’s like twelve of us I feel like. I am not even sure, but … it’s all right, I’m ready, looking forward to Spring Training and just getting ready to go.

I don’t feel like they (the Orioles) would have traded for me, and gone through the effort to acquire me and sign me to a contract, if they if didn’t have serious interest in keep me around, you know?

As long as I perform – if I go into Spring Training and can’t throw strikes, and getting hit around, then they’re going to move me. As I long as I go and do what I am capable of doing and try to ride out the way I finished last year, I should be in good shape.

Pitching last year in the minors:

I had to pitch in Albuquerque last year – which is one of the hardest places in all of baseball to pitch – and learned a lot.

I really had to pitch; you can’t make mistakes there, so um, my command got a better last year, I was able to sink the ball a little more, I was able to add and subtract off my fastball a little bit – whatever I could do to keep hitters off balance. I learned a lot in Albuquerque.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Manny Ramirez going to suit up for Oakland A's...

Looks like Manny Ramirez is going out West to see if he can resume his playing career. Once again, the Oakland Athletics are in the headlines when it comes to signing a free agent player.

Of course, the Orioles did engage in talks with Ramirez; however, they backed off -- wisely -- on the slugger.

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The New PA Announcer at Oriole Park: Ryan Wagner

Congratulations to Ryan Wagner. He's now the new public address announcer at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Wagner will replace Dave McGowan.

Of course, if the name sounds familiar, Wagner also took part in MLB's Fan Cave in 2011.

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Spring Training is Here. Can the Orioles Do Better?

This weekend, the official start of Spring Training kicked off as pitchers and catchers had their first workouts in Sarasota, Florida.

Ok, so it has been a mild winter up in the Mid-Atlantic. In fact, it is supposed to be in the 60’s this week. It snowed once from what I can recall over the past few months, but I’m glad baseball is back

However, this is a time of optimism, drawing out lineups, and figuring out the pitching staff. There will be debates on how many wins the Orioles will have this season, if they have improved (seriously) and will the moves made will pan out.

The grass is green on the baseball fields; plus, players for the most part right now are laid back and ready to get to the business at hand.

We’ll see the same old faces, some new ones and those wanting to make a lasting impression in camp despite already knowing their fate.

For most fans, much as myself, the next few weeks there’s pretty much very little of importance on a news front – at least for me.

We should be thankful for the press and bloggers that are down in camp relaying the latest news, tidbits, insight and of course players quoting that, “they are in the best shape of their lives”.

In addition, this year, we have a lot of new players to follow, prospects and we’ll check in on Dylan Bundy – the team’s 2011 1st round draft pick – who is in major league camp by virtue of being on the 40-man roster.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Spring Training, Engage...

The Orioles have opened Spring Training in sunny Sarasota, Florida this weekend and the fans have responded with a resounding yawn. It is hard to blame them, the Orioles have not done much this offseason to generate a lot of positive buzz going into the 2012 campaign. Despite the thrilling end to the Orioles 2011 season fans were subject to the following: An embarrassing debacle of a GM search; international sanctions; injuries to Nick Markakis, Jim Johnson and now Zach Britton and messy useless PR brushfire on the internet's biggest Orioles fansite.

Instead of "making 162 count" the Orioles enter Spring Training with far more questions than answers. Let's cover the biggest three.

Question 1: How does the rotation shake out without Jeremy Guthrie.

Fan favorite Jeremy Guthrie was traded rather surprisingly in January to the Colorado Rockies for Jason Hammel and Matt Lindstrom. Hammel is basically a slightly younger version of Guthrie and Lindstom is an okay bullpen arm but all in all the move seemed like a lateral move. The real question is this; without Guthrie what does the starting rotation look like? Guthrie brought a solid arm and 200 IP to a young rotation that is filled with uncertainty. GM Dan Duquette went across the Pacific to find Wei-yen Chen and Tsuyoshi Wada and both offer intriguing possibilities in the starting five. Chen himself was guaranteed to make the rotation coming over here, but many felt Wada would find his way to the bullpen. Now with Guthrie gone it seems wide open.

Then there are the "cavalry" pitchers in Britton, Arrieta and Matusz. Matusz' nightmarish 2011 has tarnished expectations surrounding him and many fans are questioning whether or not he will even start the season in Baltimore. Britton had a quietly decent rookie year, save for a couple absolutely disastrous starts around the All Star Break, likewise Arrieta was solid before being sidelined with bone spurs in his elbow. Those three young pitchers really hold the key to 2012, if they pitch to the level which they were expected then the Orioles may actually make some noise in the AL East; if not, then we will probably be seeing an improved team but still one that is very far from legitimate contention.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

It's All About The Pitching...

Spring Training opens up in Sarasota on Saturday, and I would not say that I’m terribly excited at the team’s prospects right now.

As it is every year, to win, you have to have pitching. I am not sure the Orioles have an abundance of it right now. In fact, I don’t know what to think. One question I have on my mind is this: who in the world starts on Opening Day?

There are a lot of pitchers that will be down in Sarasota. Like every year, you’ve got to wonder what will happen in the season ahead with the pitchers on in camp.

Last year, the young arms faltered and once that happened, the Orioles were doomed. Depending on pitchers who lack major league experience is risky; however, when the vast majority of them suffer, the results are distatrous.

Jake Arrieta was hurt, but had his own issues; Brian Matusz – well, we all know what went on; Zach Britton had his ups and downs, Brad Bergesen was just bad & Chris Tillman could not pitch with any consistency. As well, Tommy Hunter started off a bit shaky, but steadily improved towards the end of the season.

That being said, Dan Duquette signed a few arms from Asia, but also looked for cheap solutions out on the market. He didn’t bring any marquee pitcher like a lot of fans – including myself – hoped, but a bunch of low-risk, high-reward guys.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

FanFest Notes and Thoughts: Zach Britton

During Orioles FanFest, southpaw Zach Britton spoke with the media for a couple of minutes.

Britton answered questions about his prepration for Spring Training, his up-and-down year. In addition, he spoke about the rotation, the additions to the roster and a few other things.

Here are some quotes and notes I was able to pick up from him.

Is he excited for Spring Training?

Yah, I think this (Fan Fest) kind of kicks of the season for us. So we’re all excited. We’ve been doing that mini-camp since Tuesday. I’ve been working hard and everything and it’s nice to get everyone back in the clubhouse – throwing together, working out together, so we’re all excited to make the trip.

Are you in a different space/position heading into Spring Training?

Yah, definitely. I mean, you have some of that again this year, obviously. We brought in a lot of starting pitchers, and we knew that was going to happen, and you’re going to have to fight for your job again.

It’s a little bit different this year for me; I have taken some steps – obviously, I have not started throwing bullpens, whereas, last year, I was ten deep at this point. I’m trying to pace myself, so I don’t at the end of the season, I don’t get burnt out like I did last year.

Improvements to be made, anything he’s looking to do for Spring Training?

I think a big thing that me and Matt have talked about – we actually just talked about it the other day at the field – was maybe throwing in like a slow breaking pitch.

That’s something that I necessarily didn’t have – all my pitches were all around the same speed last year. Not a huge difference, so maybe have a different look – maybe throwing a slow breaking ball.

That’s maybe something me and Matt together in spring are going to probably work on with Rick (Adair), and then, obviously, improving my fastball command. That’s something I’ve already started right now, just that way you throw – you can improve your fastball command, making you sure focusing on what you’re while playing catch.

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Zach Britton Injured?

Well, the pitching situation for the Orioles perhaps has gotten a lot interesting when camp opens up next week. I heard about this on the radio this morning while driving to Baltimore, but it looks like Zach Britton may be hurt.

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Are the Orioles for sale? According to them, NO.

Every year, fans hope for the best with the Baltimore Orioles. For the last fourteen years, they have finished below .500 and well out of playoff contention.

More than likely, the Orioles will have a fifteenth consecutive losing season. With that being said, a lot of fans are frustrated by the poor record of Baltimore’s baseball team and frankly want a new owner.

Yesterday, 106.7 the Fan, a radio station in Washington, reported that the Orioles are ‘quietly discussing a sale’, according to the Baltimore Sun.

The Baltimore Sports ReportThe Baltimore Sports Report has more on the rumor (a tip of the cap to them), as I read it first on their site yesterday.

However, later on that day, the Orioles refuted news of a potential sale refuted news of a potential sale.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thanks, Baseball

I wrote this many years ago -- in 2006 -- on the old blog about my Spring Training trip to the old stadium in Fort Lauderdale. Although the Orioles moved from South Florida a few years ago to their shiny, modern new Spring Training home at Ed Smith in Sarasota, the old stadium and that area brings back some fond memories.

With camp opening up next week, here's a little story from a random Spring Training game against the Cardinals that I went to. It's amazing some of the people you meet at a baseball game and how a love of a sport can start a friendship.


I am never one to be all sentimental about a game, or much less a day at all the ballpark; however, an experience that myself and my friend from Jersey has showed me on my trip that baseball can indeed be a marvellous thing. Even if it's a meaningless Spring Training game for the two teams involved.

It does not have anything to do with the play on the field, but the various people that one meets at the ballpark. Sometimes, you can be lucky and strike up a friendship.

On Tuesday, we were going to go to the box office and buy tickets as close as we possibly could for the Cardinals/Orioles game. Well, in lieu of doing so, a friendly man offered us to complimentary tickets, and happy to have received a stroke of good luck, we said ok.

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Jones and Orioles Agree on a Contract for 2012

It looks as if the Orioles and center-fielder Adam Jones have agreed on a deal for the 2011 season…

From the Baltimore Sun: The Orioles came to terms with their final arbitration-eligible player on Tuesday night, agreeing to a one-year, $6.15 million deal with center fielder Adam Jones.

Jones, 26, would have had his hearing Friday in Florida. He was asking for $7.4 million, and the Orioles had countered with $5 million.

He basically agreed to the midpoint of $6.2 million, as there is $50,000 available to him in performance bonuses. He’ll get $25,000 if he reaches 620 plate appearances and $25,000 more if he gets to 635 plate appearances. Last year, he had 618.

“We are glad we agreed to terms with Adam and we look forward to another good year from him in center field and at the plate,” said Dan Duquette, the club’s executive vice president of baseball operations.

I guess coming to a deal for the two sides was just a formality; that is, unless Jones was going to be traded – which was not going to happen this off-season.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Yoenis Cespedes to the A's

It looks like Yoenis Cespedes isn't coming to the Baltimore Orioles, nor is he going to the Florida Marlins. Instead, Cespedes is going to -- Oakland?

From ESPN: Cuban outfielder Yoenis CespedesCuban outfielder Yoenis Cespedes has agreed to a four-year, $36 million deal with the Oakland AthleticsOakland Athletics, sources told ESPN The Magazine's Buster Olney on Monday.

Cespedes established legal residency in the Dominican Republic last month after saying six other major league teams were interested in signing him.

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World Series 2012 Odds...

In case you're curious, here are some World Seies 2012 odds from Las Vegas. Courtesy of (formerly

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Baseball Starting Up Again; Whitney Houston

We are a little less than a week from Spring Training down in Sarasota and I'm excited. With football over, fans can look forward to seeing what the Orioles can do down in Florida. Most of us think that the 2012 campaign for the team may turn out like previous 14; however, the organization is under a new regime now and I'm intrigued to see the results over the next eight or so months.

Will the additions that Dan Duquette made to the roster make any difference? How will Buck Showalter and the front office go about deciding who makes the 25-man roster.

The biggest storyline down in Florida will undoubtedly be focused on the starting pitching. With the trade of Jeremy Guthrie to Colorado, who is in the rotation? I guess you can plug in Jason Hammel, the Asian additions, and that is it.

It will be a wide open competition for spots and who knows what will happen to the young arms. Will we see Jake Arrieta, Brad Bergesen, Brian Matsuz & Zach Britton on the roster? Has Chris Tillman run out of chances with the Orioles? What about the bullpen? Will Jim Johnson close, or Kevin Gregg - who was a lightning rod of frustration amongst fans.

As well, who plays second base? Will Brian Roberts return? Is he healthy? Can he even play right now? If not, do we see Robert Andino man second, or Ryan Adams?

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fan Fest Notes and Thoughts: Chris Davis

During Orioles FanFest, Chris Davis spoke with the media for a couple of minutes.

Davis answered questions about the additions to the roster for Spring Training, playing first base vs. third, outlook for the season and several other items.

Here are some quotes and notes I was able to pick up from him.

Speaking about his injuries and getting ready for Spring Traning:

No, I went back to Dallas and saw the doctors two weeks after the season. Um, he didn’t feel the need to operate and thought at some point during the season, I pulled my groin. I never gave it time to heal, so it progressively got worse.

Obviously, they just showed the clips of me running the bases on the last game of the season – it was pretty ugly. I mean, I feel healthy now, been on my own, working out, doing strength exercises and I’m ready to roll.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Fan Fest Notes and Thoughts: J.J. Hardy

During Orioles FanFest, shortstop J.J. Hardy spoke with the media for a couple of minutes.

Hardy answered questions about the additions to the roster for Spring Training, his life this offseason versus what happened to him last year, outlook for the season and several other items.

Here are some quotes and notes I was able to pick up from him.

About the moves and acquisitions made – so far:

I think its good; I mean, I think we’ve gotten better. You know, a couple of pitchers that we signed over there from Japan aren’t here. So, we have not met them yet. But, it’s you know – just still a work in progress, but I feel like we’ve gotten better.

About adding potential players:

I think we’re always looking to get better. Anything that’s out there that could help, I think everyone’s open to it.

About his season in 2011:

I don’t know; I’ve never, ever set my personal goals to go out there and hit 30 (homers), then missing a month and being able to do it caught me by surprise. I mean, I don’t know – I’m always going to try and set all the personal goals I always do and if I stay healthy, who knows.

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Thoughts on Nick Johnson and Yoenis Cespedes; Other Stuff

Yesterday, the Baltimore Sunthe Baltimore Sun reported that the Orioles were on the verge to signing first baseman Nick Johnson to a minor league deal. Well, this deal is another in a good amount of 'value' or 'bargain-bin' contracts that Dan Duquette has offered to veterans and minor league free agents this season.

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Fan Fest Notes & Thoughts: Alfredo Simon

During Orioles FanFest, pitcher Alfredo Simon spoke with the media for a couple of minutes.

Simon updated everyone on his workouts, status heading into Spring Training, his life this offseason versus what happened to him last year, and outlook for the season.

Here are some quotes and notes I was able to pick up from him.

Concerning his troubles last off-season, versus this winter & if he is ready for the camp in Sarasota:

Yah, I think this it is going to be a good year for me; I don’t have a lot of things on my mind – my mind is clear.

All the trouble I had in the Dominican Republic is over already; so I’m just going to come and work hard and just help the team to win games this year.

Whether he wants to come to Spring Training as a starter, or reliever?

I think it’s better to be a starter, because all my pitches are good; I’d like to win a lot of games.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Baltimore Orioles Announce Creation of

With the 20th anniversary of Oriole Park at Camden Yards coming up, the Baltimore Orioles today in a press release announced a creation of a new website,

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More on Jeremy Guthrie

I've been taking a scan at the other blogs such as Camden ChatCamden Chat, the Loss ColumnLoss Column and the various forums during a lull in the workday here for a reaction to the Jeremy Guthrie trade. It's like everyone still wondering why it happened. Very few fans are pleased with it.

I'm still dumbfounded by what happened yesterday with the Guthrie trade. It's not because he was traded -- but the timing of it. Were the Orioles not set to go to arbitratio with him soon? Did the Orioles frankly just wait too long to trade one of their most valuable chips? Does anyone really feel the Orioles got any better?

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The Orioles Rebuilding Plan Keeps Going and Going...

With the trade of Jeremy Guthrie this week, it looks like the Orioles long-term project of rebuilding the organization is one with no end in sight.

As Spring Training opens up in a little more than a week and it’s obvious the team needs - a) pitching, pitching, and more pitching; plus, another big bat.

It looks as if there will be a lot of pitchers in camp, and except for maybe the closer position, a couple of starter spots, plus a setup man, positions are open for the taking. The young arms know that a spot in the rotation isn’t guaranteed, and maybe that will serve as motivation.

Evan Longoria and the RaysRight now, I know people like to compare the Orioles situation with the Rays of a few years ago. For at least a decade, Tampa Bay stunk until they got lucky in the draft with their continual losing; however, they also got some brains in the front office, plus a a great scouting department.

That has made the difference in Tampa Bay more than anything.

Of course, the Orioles have been kind of in the same boat; however, their draft picks have not worked out – until recently. In addition, the revolving front door of executives coming in and out of the organization have not helped out matters.

While the Rays have emerged as perennial contenders, the Orioles will still probably struggle for a few years before a breakthrough occurs – if it does. At this point, Baltimore needs to stockpile their whole organization with draft packs, trade for as much young talent possible and stick with a viable plan.

As a fan, I would like to see a player or two signed that I can go the ballpark and say, “damn, with this guy, he can be an impact player and change a ballgame”.

Not that the current crop of Orioles can’t do the job; however, there’s not an true bat or arm on the squad heading into 2012 that can be a game-changer.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Not a fan of the Jeremy Guthrie trade...

This afternoon, I asked people's feelings on the Jeremy Guthrie tradeJeremy Guthrie trade on Twitter, and from what I got, people hate itpeople hate it. I'm a bit confused why this trade happened nowtrade happened now (despite Guthrie's arbitration hearing) and what the team got in return.

That being said, Dan Duquette held a press conference with the local and electronic media this afternoon about the tradeabout the trade. I didn't attend; however, the sitethe site, Baltimore SunBaltimore Sun, MASN SportsMASN Sports, Camden ChatCamden Chat, & Press Box OnlinePress Box Online all participated.

Based on what was said, the Orioles could not get any young prospects for Guthrie (that answered a big question on mind); plus, Duquette insinuated that Jason Hammel should be in line for a starting position, and Matt Lindstrom will be a reliever. As well, it's pretty obvious that Duquette believes the moves made todaymoves made today and in the off-season will make the Orioles more competitive.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Pitcher Jeremy Guthrie Traded to the Colorado Rockies

Pitcher Jeremy Guthrie traded to the Colorado Rockies

Most fans had the feeling that a move was going to happen with the Orioles right before camp opened up in a few weeks. This morning, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie was traded to the Colorado Rockieswas traded to the Colorado Rockies for pitchers Jason Hammel and Matt Lindstrom, according to the Baltimore Sun.according to the Baltimore Sun.

He's been rumored to be potentially be traded several years, and it finally happenedit finally happened. I figured that Guthrie needed to move on from the Orioles for the sake of his career. He was headed to arbitration with the team, and that appointment has been postponed.

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

FanFest Notes & Thoughts: Jason Berken

Jason Berken

At this year’s FanFest, we got to spend a few moments with Baltimore relief pitcher Jason Berken.

My recorder died, so I am going to a paraphrase what he said with some quotes; however, we talked about his season in 2011, his preparation for Spring Training in Sarasota in a few weeks and his weight loss.

Berken said that his weight loss – close to 30 pounds – last season did indeed improve his pitching. He said it did not affect his mechanics at all, and that his problems last season were on him, but wants to come ready for the 2012 campaign.Jason Berken

“It was my fault; there’s no one to blame but myself.”

He added, “I learned from my experiences at Norfolk (the Orioles’ Triple-A affiliate) and know I am going into camp with no guarantees of anything. I’m going to do my best and see what happens.”

Our conversation with Berken ended about the changes to his body.

Personally, I can speak from experience, as I have spent the last year trying to work off weight – close to 60 pounds – in trying to be a healthier individual and just hoping to extend my lifespan.

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Super Bowl Predictions -- Patriots Win

Tom Brady will play in Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday

On Sunday, as we all know, Super Bowl XLVI is being held in Indianapolis, IN.

Being that I have no rooting interest in either team and jLinkust want to see a good game, I might as well list my prediction who will win the Super Bowl.

I say the New England Patriots will win Sunday's game for it all, 26-21. Although the New York Giants have been hot throughout the playoffs, I think their luck comes to an end against Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Duquette's risky plan

Dan Duquette has a plan. It is not the plan that many wanted. Prince Fielder is not part of that plan, neither is trading Adam Jones or Jeremy Guthrie. No, but Duquette has a plan.

And it is very risky.

Looking at the moves Duquette has made this offseason I think it is pretty clear, he still believes in the talent that is on this roster. I made this comment at fanfest: "If Brian Matusz [et al] played at the level we expected them to play, then MacPhail would still be here..."; etc etc. I only now realize how true those words are, because I think the O's GM feels the same way.

Duquette has spent all offseason augmenting a bench, flooding the minor leagues and plumbing the depths of South Korea and even New Zealand for fresh talent. The biggest acquisition so far, the Taiwanese starter Chen Wei-Yin, is seen by many to be little more than a middle of the rotation starter. Duquette obviously believes that the Orioles true elite pitcher is currently on the roster in the form of either Matusz, Zack Britton or Jake Arrieta.

Duquette isn't dumb, he knows what the team's problems were last year, pitching and defense. If you believe, as I think he does, that those three pitchers mentioned above still have the elite-level talent that was advertised in the Winter of 2011 then you don't need ot break the bank on a guy like CJ Wilson. Instead, what did Duquette do? He filled in the support roles around them. He went out and hired Rick Peterson to act as some kind of system-wide pitching guru; he hired Brady Anderson to be his apparent second-in-command bringing all of the pitchers to focus on strength, conditioning and endurance. Duquette has brought in a seemingly endless stream of middling starter/ reliever type pitchers to provide support and hopefully cobble together a stronger bullpen than last year.

The defense was awful last year. What does Duquette do? Brings in defensive players in Matt Antonelli, Jai Miller, Endy Chavez and Taylor Teagarden. On-base percentage was among the lowest in the league? Signs Wilson Betemit in an almost Beane-like move to be a primary DH with a high OBP. The power on this team will be coming from Reynolds, Jones, Matt Weiters and JJ Hardy. Chris Davis and Nolan Reimold botLinkh have a lot of power potential and both will get their chances as they will be the likely starters at first base and left field going into the season.

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