Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thoughts on Brian Roberts

Spring Training is now underway in Florida for the Orioles, and the first full workout will take place today in the late morning.

The pitchers are working on their arsenal, mechanics and whatever else; meanwhile, the position players – at least the ones who made it into camp early – are getting their swings in order and doing their drills.

One name in particular – Brian Roberts – will be watched closely by the writers and various media down in camp.

As we all know, Roberts had missed much of the past two seasons dealing with post-concussion syndrome issues and other injuries. However, he is in Florida this week trying to prepare for the season.

Roberts has not said much to the media; however, he has been swinging off a tee and at least training. According to the Baltimore Sun, he will be taking part in workouts this morning.

That is terrific news to hear about Roberts; whether he will be ready for full-fledged baseball work remains to be seen. We do not even know if he can play a full season. Frankly, I did not even think Roberts would make it this far this soon at all.

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