Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Not a fan of the Jeremy Guthrie trade...

This afternoon, I asked people's feelings on the Jeremy Guthrie tradeJeremy Guthrie trade on Twitter, and from what I got, people hate itpeople hate it. I'm a bit confused why this trade happened nowtrade happened now (despite Guthrie's arbitration hearing) and what the team got in return.

That being said, Dan Duquette held a press conference with the local and electronic media this afternoon about the tradeabout the trade. I didn't attend; however, the Orioles.com sitethe Orioles.com site, Baltimore SunBaltimore Sun, MASN SportsMASN Sports, Camden ChatCamden Chat, & Press Box OnlinePress Box Online all participated.

Based on what was said, the Orioles could not get any young prospects for Guthrie (that answered a big question on mind); plus, Duquette insinuated that Jason Hammel should be in line for a starting position, and Matt Lindstrom will be a reliever. As well, it's pretty obvious that Duquette believes the moves made todaymoves made today and in the off-season will make the Orioles more competitive.

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1 comment:

John said...

from what I have read online Rockies fans are glad to be rid of Hammel, but they think highly of Lindstrom. I know nothing about either but if Lindstrom is good in the pen than this trade should be useful this season

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