Thursday, February 23, 2012

FanFest Notes & Thoughts: Dana Eveland

During Orioles FanFest, southpaw and one of the newest acquisitions in the offseason, Dana Eveland spoke with the media for a couple of minutes.

Evaland answered questions about his preparation for Spring Training, his experiences in the minors.

In addition, he spoke about the rotation, the additions to the roster and a few other things.

Here are some quotes and notes I was able to pick up from him.

His expectations heading into camp:

I like my chances. You know, there’s a lot of talent, but I like my chances; just that they need to quit signing lefties.

Normally, I am coming into spring training as one of three – maybe; now, there’s like twelve of us I feel like. I am not even sure, but … it’s all right, I’m ready, looking forward to Spring Training and just getting ready to go.

I don’t feel like they (the Orioles) would have traded for me, and gone through the effort to acquire me and sign me to a contract, if they if didn’t have serious interest in keep me around, you know?

As long as I perform – if I go into Spring Training and can’t throw strikes, and getting hit around, then they’re going to move me. As I long as I go and do what I am capable of doing and try to ride out the way I finished last year, I should be in good shape.

Pitching last year in the minors:

I had to pitch in Albuquerque last year – which is one of the hardest places in all of baseball to pitch – and learned a lot.

I really had to pitch; you can’t make mistakes there, so um, my command got a better last year, I was able to sink the ball a little more, I was able to add and subtract off my fastball a little bit – whatever I could do to keep hitters off balance. I learned a lot in Albuquerque.

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