Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Leaders on the Orioles?

As we all have heard, the Washington Nationals this weekend extended third baseman Ryan Zimmerman to a lucrative contract extension. You have got to figure that he is still relatively young at 27; however, he is no doubt the leader on the field for that organization.

That being said, who is the leader, or leaders with the Baltimore Orioles?

Well, considering that the organization is rebuilding and stuck in a rut of fourteen losing seasons, is there anyone that you could point at right now and say, “He’s the man”?

Now, the Orioles certainly do not have an Albert Pujols or Derek Jeter on their roster; however, they do have some guys who could serve in that role.

The first player who on the team fills this role would be Adam Jones. He is obviously an emerging young ballplayer, has been an All-Star, a winner of a Gold Glove and is very comfortable with the media. More importantly, he seems to be a spokesperson for the team and seems to speak his mind – whether the team is on a high or floundering.

The second player who I would pick as a leader with the Orioles would be Matt Wieters. Obviously, he is not as outspoken as Jones is, but more of the type who leads by example.

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