Sunday, August 31, 2008

Three Losses, Three Days..

The Orioles went down to Tampa, Florida and promptly lost three game to the Rays this weekend. The Tampa offense took Oriole pitching to school, out of the park at times, and to add insult to injury, scored in the double digits during each loss. Things got so bad at times watching on MASN, I just turned off the TV and walked away only to see things get worse.

At this point of the season, have the Orioles started their swoon? It does not get any easier as they face a Red Sox team starting on Monday that's looking to survive in the playoff race, the A's thereafter, then they face the red hot Indians and counter with teams all over the .500 mark.

For Baltimore, it looks like another losing season is becoming a stark reality, and despite some of the successes this season, it's back to the drawing board for MacPhail.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

The Status of Trembley...

Many of us know that Dave Trembley despite the limitations of the roster he’s got have made the Orioles into a team that’s at least competitive — if not so much record-wise — in the vast majority of games that have played in 2008.

However, he’s not been given an extension, much less a contract for ‘09. Why?

Take a read at what Peter Schmuck wrote this week in the Baltimore Sun:

“I think they have to like what he’s doing,” Kevin Millar said. “I think Dave Trembley has done a great job here. He has done everything he could do to change the focus and direction of this organization.”

True enough, and if the measuring stick for this team’s performance was the gloomy preseason expectations, Trembley’s job review ought to be pretty upbeat. The oddsmakers put the over-under line on Orioles victories this year at 64 1/2 . The team could pass that number before the end of August.

“From a player’s perspective, he’s been awesome,” Millar said. “I don’t think he ever gets outmanaged. I think he has the respect of the players. He also has a passion for the game itself that, as a player, you really appreciate. He’s into it every day. He’s not showing up here at 5o’clock.”

To the contrary, Trembley is so deeply committed to the team that you can see the losses starting to wear on him. He’s not quite the same guy before and after games that he was a few months ago. He’s taking it personally when his team is overmatched, which has not been lost on his players.

I would say MacPhail is doing evaluations from top to bottom this season, and from what I know, vey few people in the front office, coaching staff, or in the scouting department have been given deals for ‘09 and beyond.

It may be as simple as that. However, most fans know, the Orioles have played with fire, passion and effort under him; thus, most fans want Trembley at the helm in ‘09.

What do you all think?

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MASN Teams Up With the Orioles For Great Ticket Deal...

Here's a ticket deal that some Oriole fans might be interested in...

From MASN:As the final month of baseball season approaches, the Orioles and MASN have teamed up to make Orioles tickets even more affordable and accessible. For the month of September, fans can purchase tickets in a special MASN Maximum Access section in the upper deck of the ballpark for only $1 each.

This opportunity is valid for each of the 16 home games in September and ticket quantities are limited. In anticipation of a high demand for this unique offer, there is a purchase limit of eight tickets per transaction. Each game ticket includes a voucher for a free Oriole Park tour that can be redeemed for any regularly scheduled tour in 2008.

Tickets are available on a first come, first served basis and must be purchased at least 24 hours in advance of the game. Fans interested in purchasing $1 MASN Maximum Access tickets can go online at, call 1-888-848-BIRD, or visit the Oriole Park box office.
It's an incredible deal to catch baseball in September in Baltimore, and considering the economy, gas prices, and whatever else, it's a free and cheap way to see the O's...

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Photo Gallery: L.A. Dodgers vs. Washington Nationals: Aug 27th 2008

L.A. Dodgers vs. Washington Nationals: Aug 27th 2008

Photo Gallery: Chicago White Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles: Aug 25th, 2008

Chicago White Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles: Aug 25th, 2008

The Idiot File: An Anonymous Yankee Tool...

Well, this video was posted on Yahoo's Big League Stew, and a reader forwarded this to me.

This brain surgeon and pompous jackass disrespects our the city, park, and tradition.

Here's what he writes in his Youtube description of the video: "My friends and I took the trip down I95 to Baltimore to see the Yankees play the Orioles at Camden Yards. At the game on Sunday afternoon 8/24 (an 8-7 Yanks win), my buddy Mike decided to have some fun and mock Baltimore, the Orioles, John Denver, country music, and pretty much the entire south. Basically, Baltimore pretends to be a mjor northeastern city, yet they decide to play John Denver's "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" during the 7th Inning Stretch. Well it has been officially changed to "Thank God I'm a Redneck from Baltimore." Sorry John Denver."

First off, tool -- were you priced out of Yankee Stadium? Because if you weren't, you will be in 2009.

Second, my, my, you can see the Baltimore skyline from where you are, eh? Cheap? Why travel so far if you're going to get the $9 tickets?

Were you drunk? Spending too much of your cash on $5 stadium beer during the game?

Third, for some of the nice and knowledge Yankee fans I know, you've given them a bad name. I'm not going to ever disrespect Yankee Stadium or the city in general, but if Baltimore is such a redneck town, why did spend your hard earned money driving down I-95 to visit a park that many in America love?


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O's Salvage Series With White Sox...

At the yard last night, the Orioles defeated the White Sox, 11-3, to avoid a three-game sweep and put a positive spin on a disappointing home stand. Once again, the Oriole bats came alive as both the hot Melvin Mora and Aubrey Huff had three hits; as well, both he and Aubrey went deep to help Baltimore secure the win.

Kevin Millar also hit his 19th homer, and Brian Roberts had three hits.

Radhames Liz was solid as he went a little over five innings. The fireballer only gave up two runs, and gave the Orioles some confidence for one night with their starting rotation.

John Danks had a solid start; however, the Orioles jumped all over reliever Lance Broadway who gave up four runs in seven innings.

Baltimore is now 63-70, and head into September continuing their rough stretch as they face the Rays along with the Red Sox, then A's and the resurgent Indian squad. The quest for .500 is still alive -- however, I think it will tough -- real tough.

Obama, Martin Luther King, and Jackie Robinson

As much of the world -- or, at the least the free world -- knows, Barack Obama has now accepted the Democratic Nomination to officially run for president.

It goes without saying that his nomination is nothing short of a watershed moment in American history, and could perhaps not only change the perception of race and race relations in the United States -- but also the nation's profile on the global front.

This morning after scouring the New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN Online, I navigate to the Baltimore Sun and read a wonderful and insightful piece by columnist David Steele titled, "Robinson to King to Obama, A Combination For Progress", and found this to be real interesting:

Today's date, Aug.28, links two epic moments in American history and in the progress of African-Americans in this country: The Rev.Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech during the March on Washington in 1963 and Barack Obama's speech accepting the Democratic nomination for president tonight. That has been well-documented.

The connection and importance of that date, however, is stronger than even Obama might realize. Aug.28 is also the date, in 1945, that Jackie Robinson first met Branch Rickey and was told that he was the player chosen to break baseball's color line.

A coincidence, a fluke of the calendar spanning 63 years - but one with tremendous meaning. A straight line can be drawn from Robinson opening the door to the national pastime of a rigidly segregated America to King voicing the ideals of a fully integrated society on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to the son of a black father running for the highest office in the land.

"I was surprised and unaware but was delighted by the wonderful coincidences," Sharon Robinson, Jackie's daughter and educational consultant for Major League Baseball, said through a spokeswoman for the Jackie Robinson Foundation.
Surprised I was too. Is it destiny? I don't know. Coincidence, more than likely; however, as an African American male and a student of history, I found the connection between these three great men to be special, inspiring, and proud.

There's one thing that's certain -- if he does win, it will usher a great change in America's psyche.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same...

Last night, Brian Burres in his return the the majors after a brief demotion to Norfolk, looked like well, um -- the same Brian Burres.

Meanwhile, his counterpart, Gavin Floyd, well, looked like he belonged in the majors. Floyd, who nearly no-hit the Orioles earlier this year, earned his 14th save and helped Chicago down Baltimore, 8-3, for their second straight win.

The weakness of the squad -- the starting pitching -- showed why it might have to really be overhauled during the off season. After giving up a quick two-run homer to Nick Swisher, Burres' night went downhill from there. The southpaw lasted five innings, and gave up six runs -- five earned -- on ten hits. Randor Bierd pitched three innings of relief and gave up two runs, as the game was pretty much conceded by then.

Nick Markakis and Luke Scott had two hits, and each drove in a run; however, not much could be said for the rest of the team.

In perhaps their roughest stretch this summer, they have only one two games -- including the continuation from Chicago out of eight -- on the home stand in which they had the Red Sox, Yankees and White Sox roll into town...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Two For The Price of One: O's Take First Game, Lose Second...

Last night, the Orioles had a doubleheader which featured a continuation of a game against the White Sox, which was held in Chicago -- four months ago. Since the Orioles could not fit in the game in their trip out to the Midwest in June, they continued it in Charm City.

Baltimore won the first game, 4-3, in 14 innings as Luis "Lou" Montanez -- who was not even on the roster when the game was played -- had the game winning RBI. Incidentally, the winning pitcher -- Alberto Castillo, along with Rocky Cherry, who earned the save -- were not even on the roster as well.

Chicago had the chance to win the game with the bases loaded as Dave Trembley issued a walk with two outs for the situation to occur; however, one of the White Sox's big boppers, Jermaine Dyre, popped out to end the game.

The second game was also close; however, the White Sox downed the Orioles, by a score of 4-3. Chris Waters, who started the game for Baltimore, looked a whole lot better than he did in his start against New York last week, but mistakes and a balk may have cost him the win. He only allowed three runs in seven innings, but he didn't get any help from a Juan Castro error that allowed a run to score, a balk that let Alexei Ramirez score, and a long Jim Thome two run homer in the seventh inning.

Despite Waters' effort, a strong White Sox bullpen, and amazing defense -- including quite a few amazing plays by Joe Crede, who just came off the DL -- let them sneak away with a W.

In closing, don't be like this fan:

Seriously, a few of my friends who I sat with during last's night game and I talked about security at the ballpark. Thank God nothing happened to any of the players, personnel or police at the hands of a drunk fan, who we would later see outside with a sprained or broken foot looking for a ride home (and perhaps some legal bills); alas, I'm surprised he was not stopped able to get as far as he did.

I remember the incident a few years ago where two fans -- a father and a son -- attacked the first base coach of the Kansas City Royals during a game and later served time for doing so.

I'm shocked nothing akin to the Seles attack of about ten years or more ago has not happened on the playing field considering the prevalence of alcohol, and the passion that goes in line with sports.

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Photo Gallery: New York Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles, Aug. 24th

New York Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles: Aug. 24th

Photo Gallery: New York Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles: August 23rd, 2008

New York Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles: August 23rd, 2008

Kevin Millar at The ESPN Zone This Afternoon...

ESPN Zone's season-long Orioles Q&A series continues today (Aug. 26), at noon with Orioles first baseman Kevin Millar on Pratt Street in the Inner Harbor. It's the penultimate Orioles Q&A this year, with the final one scheduled for Sept. 9.

Orioles broadcaster Tom Davis will host the free event, which will include an autograph signings and tons of giveaways for the fans.

Doors open at 11 a.m.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sweep It Is; Yanks Take Three From Birds...

Sunday’s game was long – really long. On a sunny, hot day, the Yankees beat the Orioles, 8-7, to complete a three game sweep of the Orioles. To be quite honest, it was one of the longest, if not the longest nine-inning game I have ever had the luxury of sitting through.

Both teams started out ugly, and Daniel Cabrera was nothing short of horrible once again, only lasting a little more than three innings as he allowed seven runs – all earned – on nine hits and gave a long three-run shot to Johnny Damon. He hit Alex Rodriguez in the fourth inning, and we all thought a fight was going to break out; however, one didn’t, but they added three more in the fourth frame.

The Yankees’ Darrell Rasner was just as bad as Cabrera, and his bullpen didn’t help matters as they allowed Baltimore to come back and tie the game.

The game was decided in the seventh inning as struggling reliever Jamie Walker gave up a crushing home run to Robinson Cano – the second in the series – thus, after the Orioles came back from oblivion, New York takes the lead, 8-7, and later on Mariano Rivera gets his 31st save.

The stage was scripted for yet another comeback as with two outs in the ninth inning, Brian Roberts attempted to steal second – only to end up on third – after Ivan Rodriguez’s throw ended up in the outfield, the next batter, Nick Markakis struck out against Rivera to conclude things on Sunday.

Melvin Mora, Brian Roberts and Aubrey Huff each homered; however, the Orioles left an astounding thirteen men on base.

Despite that, the starting pitching once again was the Achilles’ heel for Baltimore, and one has to wonder if Cabrera is indeed injured, or he just does not have his head on straight.

Well, Baltimore’s match-up with contenders continues as the White Sox come to town for three games, including the continuation of the April 28th game.

Despite the offense – a supposed problem in spring training – coming together this season,

It’s a 2 –for—1 game tonight.

Finally, congratulations to Velma Greene who pleasantly surprised to be picked as the 100th million fan ever to attend a game in the franchise’s history.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Photo Gallery: New York Yankees vs Baltimore Orioles; August 22nd, 2008

New York Yankees vs Baltimore Orioles; August 22nd, 2008

Guess Who's Back...

Ah, seeing Carl Pavano start tonight and the response he gets may be worth the price of admission alone tonight at Camden Yards by the Yankee faithful...

Yanks Down O's With The Longball, 9-4

Last night was painful. I went to the ballgame last night, and sitting where I was -- it felt like I was at Yankee Stadium. I must have been one of seven or eight Oriole fans in my section, and by the ninth inning, the sound of Yankee nation was overwhelming that it was almost demoralizing to sit in your home ballpark.

It was just as bad -- if not worse than Red Sox Nation coming to town this week. Although it is looking as if the Yankees will not make the playoffs, their fans come down to Baltimore in droves as they saw their team defeat the Orioles, 9-4.

Baltimore was in the game, and actually led 4-3 until the eighth inning. With the lead so narrow, veteran Jamie Walker was brought in the game and allowed two runners to reach base; thereafter, rookie Kam Mickolio uncorked a wild pitch to allow one runner to score, and allowed the other to come in off a base hit.

The nail in the coffin came in ninth inning as hurler Fernando Cabrera allowed the game to get out of hand by serving two homers in the final frame. Four runs crossed home plate, and the game became very much out of reach.

Both Aubrey Huff and Kevin Millar had two hits, and Ramon Hernandez hit his 14 home runs and drove in 2; however, the Yankees' Bobby Abreu had 4 hits and Cody Ransom homered.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

O, The Power; Beat the Evil Empire 1A, 11-6

At the start of spring training, I surmised as to how the Orioles would score runs this year, much less win over 65 games. With the trade of Miguel Tejada was a little concerned about our bats; however, my concerns were perhaps greatly exaggerated.

Last night, the Orioles downed the Red Sox, 11-5, exacting revenge on starter Clay Buchholz, who tossed a no-hitter against Baltimore last year. Right now, the kid seems to be a completely different pitcher from what I saw last September, as his stuff seems to still be good, but he's got very little command and cannot get guys out right now.

The same could be said for last night's starter, Chris Waters, who didn't look that good either. He doesn't have Buchholz's pedigree, and he too had very little command or focus on the night. Perhaps we saw the real Chris Waters last night, and the start in California might have been an aberration, but he's got to be perfect -- or he will get hit. Despite his rough outing, he got himself under control and finished out the game for the victory.

The power bats of Melvin Mora and Ramon Hernandez led the way as they both had three-run home runs, and both Brian Roberts and Jay Payton had two hits.

It was nice to see a resounding win by the Orioles as they are now 61-65 on the season, and have the original Evil Empire in town for a three game set this weekend.

According to the Orioles website, they are now 75,394 from the 100th million fan, so it might happen on Saturday well after the park opens (assuming Friday is a sellout), or very early Sunday.

The 22nd Annual OriolesREACH Food Drive, This Weekend During The Yankees Series...

The 22nd annual OriolesREACH Food Drive will take place next Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 22-24, at Camden Yards. Orioles Wives, Oriole Advocates, MASN and WJZ-TV personalities will collect non-perishable food items for the Maryland Food Bank prior to the Orioles’ games against the New York Yankees. Friday and Saturday’s games are scheduled for 7:05 p.m. and Sunday’s game will begin at 1:35 p.m.

All of the items collected will be given to the Maryland Food Bank for distribution to soup kitchens, food pantries and emergency shelters in central Maryland. Von Paris will provide collection boxes and transport the items collected from Oriole Park to the Food Bank.

Items most needed at this time include canned vegetables and fruits, dry cereals, pasta, peanut butter, powdered milk and canned meats. Fans may also donate personal care items such as toothpaste, shampoo, soap or disposable diapers. Cash donations will be accepted and will be used to purchase turkeys during Thanksgiving for needy Maryland families.

Last year, the OriolesREACH Food Drive netted 8,243 pounds of food and a record $30,000 in cash donations from fans attending the games.

To purchase tickets for next weekend’s series, fans should call 1-888-848-BIRD or visit

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Photo Gallery: Boston Red Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles: Aug. 19th, 2008

Boston Red Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles: Aug. 19th, 2008

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Flat And Breezy On The DL: Mickolio Called Up

Uh, oh. Our closer is on the DL...

The subject of George Sherrill going on the DL was the subject of debate amongst myself and a few of my fellow season ticket holders in our seats last night.

It's unknown what caused Sherrill's injury, whether it is just plain over-use, an existing minor injury, or his lengthy stint during the 2008 All-Star Game, but the Orioles hope he returns back to the squad soon enough.

From the The Orioles lost the services of one of their best relievers Tuesday, when they placed closer George Sherrill on the disabled list with a case of inflammation in his left shoulder. Sherrill had told manager Dave Trembley that he was in pain Monday, and the team pushed him through a magnetic resonance imaging test to determine the extent of the injury.

The tests didn't show any catastrophic damage, but the Orioles placed Sherrill on the disabled list for precautionary reasons. As of now, the plan is to let Sherrill rest his tired arm for a week and then he'll resume a throwing program shortly after that. Sherrill is eligible to return from the DL on Aug. 31, and the team thinks he can return close to that date.

"It started off as a little tendinitis thing and it just exploded," Sherrill said. "It is a relief that it's not something structural. We'll just rehab it and get back as soon as possible."
Thus, the team brought up youngster Cam Mickolio, part of the now infamous Bedard trade. Are you thinking the Mariners as every day goes on regret this deal even more?
From the Baltimore Sun: The Orioles announced today that they have selected the contract of right-handed pitcher Kam Mickolio from Triple-A Norfolk. The move comes one day after All-Star closer George Sherrill was placed on the disabled list with left shoulder inflammation.

Mickolio, 24, had a 1.50 ERA with two saves in 15 games for Norfolk since his promotion from Double-A Bowie on July 7. He struck out 20 and walked seven in 18 innings with the Tides. At Double-A Bowie, Mickolio was 2-1 with a 4.70 ERA and one save in 28 games.

Mickolio was obtained from the Seattle Mariners along with Sherrill, Adam Jones, Chris Tillman and Tony Butler as part of the trade that sent Erik Bedard to Seattle on Feb. 8. Mickolio was originally drafted by the Mariners in the 18th round of the 2006 First Year Player Draft.
Good luck in the majors, Cam...

So who closes? Jim Johnson?

About Last Night; The Evil Empire 1A Defeats The O's; The 50 & 100 Millionth Fan...

It's hard to be an Oriole fan, and sit through the throngs of Red Sox fans who come down to Baltimore and invade Camden Yards to watch their team. Alas, I do it - not because I am masochist, but I like baseball in general and support the Orioles.

Well, last night the Red Sox beat the Orioles 7-2. There's not much to say -- Cabrera got hit hard, and could not get anyone out; Boston's Daisuke Matuszaka didn't look all that sharp -- however, he challenged the hitters and got himself out of a crucial bases loaded situation in the third inning to help his team win. If you were an Baltimore sitting in one of the green seats on Monday or Tuesday, it was sometimes was demoralizing, but as a fan, you stick it out & hope for the best.

In fact, the Orioles had chances to score, but Boston always seemed to find a way out of a sticky situation.

Cabrera is now 8-8, after giving up six runs, and unable to get out of the fifth inning. The Yard was filled with 48,515 -- alas, to little consquence of Oriole fan, all you heard were Red Sox chants the whole night.

On the bright side, congrats to the 50 millionth Oriole fan winner, Kevin Gracie. Well, it must be a great feeling to have won that loot and recieved the tickets and I'm glad it went to an Oriole fan who was very deserving.

Walking around the ballpark before the game, I'd never seen so many people waiting outside the park just to get in -- I can think only one other time where I had seen that many people outside, and that was durin Cal Ripken's sendoff to the Hall of Fame.

Yesterday's festivities just dwarfed that. Next up, it looks like the 100 millionth fan will come through the turnstiles on Saturday and that winner will get 5 five years of season tickets, a jersey, and $100,000. Of course, the Yankees will be in town, but let's see which Oriole fan gets it this time around.

Boston Red Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles: Aug. 19th, 2008

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Monday, August 18, 2008

The Orioles To Welcome Their 50 Millionth Fan At Camden Yards...

Perhaps tonight or on Tuesday, the Orioles are set to welcome their 50 millionth fan at Oriole Park at Camden Yards and that would make it the fastest ballpark/stadium in the history of baseball to reach such a milestone.

For their part, the Baltimore Orioles will honor the 50 millionth fan who walks through the gates with $50,000, season tickets for five years and a VIP package that includes seat upgrades, a commemorative jersey and participation in an on-field check presentation.

Fun. The only problem is the Red Sox are in town.

Do you think one of them would get it? Not a chance.

When the Orioles left town last Sunday, they were just 43,290 fans away from reaching the 50 million mark -- meaning the milestone ticket will be ripped either Monday or Tuesday night when the Orioles take on the Red Sox.

"We're going to use the technology available to us to designate a 50 millionth fan the moment the 50 millionth fan enters the ballpark," Bader said. "It will be based on turnstile count and ... essentially it's being in the right place at the right time. We're ready to go to whatever entrance [our technology] tells us that the 50 millionth fan entered."

That fan can expect that their night out at Camden Yards will then be a little different than most. Depending on the time the 50 millionth fan enters the park, they will either be part of a pregame or mid-game on-field ceremony where they will be presented with the $50,000 check.

I see no way that the Baltimore Orioles would give the 50 millionth fan prize to a member of the Evil Empire 1A (aka the Red Sox). Stranger things have happened, but I just don't see it taking place.

The Loss Column's Neal Shaffer asked Orioles' Director of Communications, Greg Bader, about the contest, and you can view his response here...

O's Take Two Out Three In Motown; Melvin The Great

The Orioles beat the Tigers, 16-8, thanks to the bat of one man -- Melvin Mora. Thanks to his career day with five hits in six-at-bats, two home runs, six RBIs and four runs scored, the Baltimore just ripped the guts out of a Detroit team that was supposed to reign supreme in the AL Central.

Who would have thought that the Orioles and Tigers would be that close to one another record-wise? I didn't.

Despite the huge win and taking two out of three in Motown, you've got to wonder if Garrett Olson need to go back to the minors after his start on Sunday -- let's say, his last few starts. Needless to say, the Baltimore bullpen were also the heroes on Sunday, going more than seven innings and helping out the situation.

When, and if the bats cool down, things could get ugly unless the pitching stabilizes. We have the Yankees and Red Sox on docket -- if we could get series wins against them; one, we may be over .500 by the time next week approaches; two, we could finally put the nail in the coffin for the Yankees for '08, and could also put the Red Sox's playoff hopes in peril.

At this point for me, it doesn’t matter — Melvin’s recent run has been incredible, and I guess that’s why baseball is a funny and unique game. He could go back to being a .230 hitter next week, but you have to give the man his due respect for the month he’s had.

Most of us here felt that Mora was taking up a spot a younger player should have had, and in mid-July, he was a .230-240 hitter, so the concerns were justified. We were waiting for him to be traded, or benched in favor of someone else. His defense was great, but he was not doing it with the bat — except with runners in scoring position.

I had to look up his numbers since the All-Star break just to even comprehend what he’s done. At this point, the Orioles have stunned me — Melvin has stunned me even more. I think I am up to date with everything — I knew he was hot; however, all of this completely flew under the radar.

Yes, he’s not part of the future — but it’s been amazing to catch a small glimpse of the Melvin we had in ‘04-05 right now, even if it’s for a short while.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Do We Still Want To Run Him Out Of Town?

Never did I expect Melvin Mora on August 17th to have 20 home runs with 91 RBI with a .286 average. I thought the guy was on his last legs, and may want to think about becoming a part-time player.

Furthermore, I thought my eyes were deceiving me when I saw his numbers after the game.

Boy, we're we all wrong about Melvin. Just to think in July, we wanted this guy run out of town.

This all might be an aberration, or the real thing, but man is Mr. Mora hot.

.. And by the way the Orioles are not giving up on the season -- they took two out of three from the Detroit Tigers -- one of the biggest busts of 2008.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

O's Sign Draft Pick Matusz

Brian Matusz is the newest member of the Oriole organization, and signed on Friday with about six to nine hours to spare.

The skinny from the Baltimore Sun: For the second consecutive year, the Orioles negotiated with their top draft pick until the final day before eventually getting their man.

Shortly after 3p.m., the Orioles agreed to terms with University of San Diego left-hander Brian Matusz on a four-year, majorleague contract that included a $3.2million bonus and will be worth, at the minimum, $3.47million.

Matusz, 21, the fourth overall pick in June's draft, immediately joins the Orioles' 40-man roster and shoots toward the top of their prospect list.

"I'm excited. It's been a long summer, a lot of talks going on these last few weeks," said Matusz, the 2008 West Coast Conference Pitcher of the Year after he won 12 games, struck out 141 batters and posted a 1.71ERA.

For all the concern, perhaps the delay might have just come to simply seeing what his peers got -- or perhaps, there might have been a deal in place, but it was going to be announced at the particular time.

I'm obviously not privy to all of this, but nevertheless, it's wonderful he got signed. If Matusz can become an impact player in the minors that Wieters has been, the future could be very bright in Baltimore.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Orioles Win Last Night; Matusz; Waivers

Well, after a horrific start to their road to Cleveland, the Orioles won last night, 11-6, to take a split in the four game series.

The game was tied at 3-3, in the eighth inning, and then Oriole Magic bust loose. Lou Montanez continued his impressive start by starting the explosive really with an RBI double that put Baltimore in the lead, and then the hits and walks kept coming.

Montanez, Kevin Millar and Melvin Mora (boy, is he hot) had three hits each and drove in six of the Orioles’ runs.

Daniel Cabrera – well, was Daniel Cabrera. Ok, he was not bad; however, just uneven on the night. He went a little more than five innings, and Francisco Cabrera got the win on Thursday.

Alberto Castillo got hammered for three runs in the ninth inning; however, the Orioles had enough of a cushion where Cleveland’s late rally was inconsequential.


Will Brian Matusz sign, or won’t he? With a little less than 13 hours until the deadline, it remains to be seen; however, it looks he will – but it is looking like a game of chicken right now, and it’s about getting both sides to agree on a deal.
Orioles president Andy MacPhail said last night that there has been no change in the negotiations since the previous day, when the two sides arranged for Matusz to fly in from the West Coast.

Matusz's agent, Marc Agar, has not returned calls seeking comment. Both sides have been mum about the type of deal and financial package that Matusz has been seeking. However, the fact that he was in town taking a physical is a sign that the sides are discussing a majorleague deal. That type of contract is contingent on a player passing a physical examination.

Last year, the Orioles gave Georgia Tech catcher Matt Wieters, the fifth overall pick in the 2007 draft, a franchise-record $6million signing bonus, but it was not a majorleague deal and he didn't take a full physical before the agreement was reached just minutes before the deadline.The Orioles haven't given out a majorleague deal to a draft pick since signing pitcher Adam Loewen to a five-year pact in 2003.

Essentially, a major league deal means that Matusz, generally regarded as the top pitcher in the draft, will get a guaranteed contract and the club will have less flexibility in using minorleague options."We have things to work out, but we're not there," Jordan said. "I think everyone has a pretty good feeling about it, but I don't want to say more than that."
He will sign. It’s now the matter the Orioles will give him, and what Matusz and his handlers want in return.


In other news, it looks like Aubrey Huff, Jamie Walker, and Jay Payton passed through waivers – meanwhile, George Sherrill didn’t and the Orioles pulled him back.

I don’t mind Sherrill staying, but his peripheral stats are not looking as good as they once did, and you have to wonder did his value peak in mid-July? I didn’t expect any of the other guys to pass waivers; however, I’m surprised no one is biting on Huff at all considering his 2007 season. Granted, I think the Orioles would have to eat some money, but who turns down a guy who has hit 25 homers with a .300 average?

Just very puzzling.

Photo Gallery: New York Mets vs. Washington Nationals; Aug. 12th, 2008

New York Mets vs. Washington Nationals; Aug. 12th, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008

About Last Night; Matusz Close to Signing; Wieters

Well, after an awful start to the series in Cleveland, the golden arm of Jeremy Guthrie and the big bats of Aubrey Huff and Nick Markakis helped the Orioles down the Indians, 6-1.

Guthrie, who has been by far the team’s most reliable starter and in a way – the team’s ace – won his 10th game by going seven strong innings, only giving up a single run. Sadly, he left before the eighth inning due to his back tightening.

The Orioles held a slim 2-1 margin until the ninth inning, and then busted out four runs to put the game away thanks to hits by Huff and Markakis.

In the second inning, Huff hit a solo home run – his 25th. Melvin Mora and Markakis each had three hits.


As I surmised, with only a day or so left with draft picks being available to sign with their teams, it looks like the Orioles and Brian Matusz are close to signing to a deal.

From the Baltimore Sun: Orioles first-round draft pick Brian Matusz is scheduled to be in Baltimore today to take a physical, one of the final steps to the pitcher and the team reaching an agreement on a contract.According to a source familiar with the negotiations, the two sides are closing in on a deal that could be finalized within the next 24 hours.

The Orioles have until midnight tomorrow to reach an agreement or they'll forfeit the draft rights to the University of San Diego left-hander and get a similar compensatory pick in next year's draft.

Orioles president Andy MacPhail said last night that "there's no agreement yet, but we are making some progress."

Orioles director of scouting Joe Jordan did not return calls seeking comment, and Matusz's agent, Marc Agar, declined to comment. Both sides have been mum about the type of signing bonus Matusz has been seeking, but it is believed he originally was looking for a majorleague contract in the neighborhood of $5million

Obviously, this is all good news. I had no doubts that Matusz would sign, as he seemed to really want to start his professional career – however, also wanted to be assured of certain amount in his contract negotiations.

The vast majority of the top ten picks have not signed yet, and perhaps they were all waiting on the chips to fall before putting the ink on the dotted line.


I know the Orioles really want to take their time with Matt Wieters; however, at this point, could he be warranted for a cup of coffee in the majors? Read this post by Peter Schmuck, and take a glance at his numbers – we might as well see what he has in September.

Honestly, he should not be rushed and I think he might be held back in the minors right now, not because of his hitting – he may simply need to learn to catch and manage the game at the major league level.

Thus, other than that, I cannot imagine why he’s still in the minors. In light of everything, the kid has had an amazing year, and unless he really stinks in spring training next year, it’s looking more and more everyday that might will be on the major league roster in 2009.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not Good - All About Yesterday; Mora Speaks; More Rundown and the O's Blogosphere

Was yesterday's game ever ugly or what! At points, you felt no matter how far the Orioles were behind, they were going to come back -- or at least make the game interesting. Well, at other points yesterday, the game was, um -- ugly.

Baltimore fought hard at the plate; alas, when your starting pitcher puts you in a five run deficit to start the game, and the bullpen falters as well, it does not matter what the offense does, because 95 out of 100 times, you'll lose the battle.

Last night, the Orioles lost 13-8 to the Cleveland Indians in perhaps one of the ugliest games I have seen in a long while. As metioned, the pitching folded and so did the defense -- will someone please sit Alex Cintron (Juan Castro, please get well) or just literally have him serve as a pinch hitter?

Sarfate, who is clearly not ready to be a starter -- despite he calming down in the 3rd & 4th innings before being lit up again -- gave up seven runs (six earned, while aside from Castillo (who may have single handedly kept Baltimore) in the game, Rocky Cherry (who took the loss) and Jamie Walker were as awful as awful could be, giving up six runs in two innings.

Nick Markakis had three hits and four RBIs, and Huff hit his 24th homer; however, it doesn't matter if you're facing the Yankees, Red Sox, Royals, or Mariners -- if your pitching stinks, you are not going to win.


It's needless to say, despite Melvin Mora's numbers this season -- perhaps, the last few years has been in a decline phase -- however, he's been clutch this season with runners in scoring position. Pressox's Pete Kerzel has an interview with him, and always outspoken, Melvin always says what's on his mind...

Is Mora the high-average power hitter that averaged 27 home runs, 92 RBIs and hit a combined .310 in 2004 and 2005? Or is he the slick-fielding guy at the hot corner whose numbers have fluctuated wildly -- usually downward -- over the previous two seasons as he battled to stay healthy?

Mora bristles at any suggestion of a decline in his output, defiantly insisting that, when healthy, he produces.

“The people talking [stuff] like that, do they know I was [for] two months hurt last year? I didn’t play for two months, and I was down in rehab,” Mora said. “I don’t care what the people say. The only thing I care about is that I’m healthy, I’m fine, and I’m here to do what I do. I don’t get paid for what I’m going to do; I get paid for what I did.”


Mora feels like he has earned the right to shed his former life as a utility specialist.

“I’m a third baseman,” he said. “That doesn’t mean in an emergency I can’t go to short. But I’m a third baseman. I never forget the positions I’ve played in the past because that’s how I make it to the big leagues. I enjoyed playing center field in the past. I’ve enjoyed playing second base. I enjoyed playing shortstop for New York [Mets]. I enjoy playing wherever. … But you have to work hard to get comfortable at.”

Mora wants to finish his career in Baltimore, where he has made his home and is raising his family. And he realizes a strong second half -- even for a club struggling to climb out of last place in the powerful American League East -- will help make that commitment more tolerable for fans and management alike.
“It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish,” Mora said. “If you have a slow start you need to get to the second half and try to go strong.”

Whether he was hurt or not, he's been in a decline and that's reasonable for someone his age. At this point, as long as he can help the team -- it doesn't matter to me. I think he's been a far, far better third baseman than anyone has envisioned, and is still productive, but the Melvin of a few years ago has come and passed.

The numbers don't lie.
Just for the sake of things, let me add another series of quotes. This all may become classic one day...

Orioles third baseman Melvin Mora insists he didn't hear the criticism that resulted from two straight years of declining offensive numbers. He wasn't aware of the mounting opinion that he is on the downside of his career and no longer was a productive middle of the lineup hitter.

And if he had heard all those things, it wouldn't have made much of an impact on the 36-year-old anyway.

"I don't have nothing to prove. I've already done my job. You can check my numbers with all the third baseman in baseball right now and you can see for yourself," Mora said last night.

"I don't care what people say. People talking about that can kiss my butt. That's what I say. People don't say that I was going to hit 20 home runs. People didn't say Kevin Millar was going to hit 20 homers. They didn't say Aubrey Huff was going to hit 300. What are they going to say now?"
Classic. Awesome.


Draft pick Brian Matusz emailed Orioles Hangout and updated the masses about his contract status (link courtesy of Camden Chat) & the Sun has more on it; Camden Chat also has an interesting link to a Mike Mussina interview with Yahoo on their blog as well (kind of irked to see what Mussina has to say about Baltimore, but when you don't win, expect statements like that); James Baker of Oriole Magic ponders about Lou Montanez as does Ben from Oriole Central; Brian Roberts updated his video blog on, Roch Kubatko ponders roster moves, Amber Theoharis believes that Juan Castro has what it takes to stay in the majors, providing he does it at the plate; Heath from Dempsey's Army takes a look at Chris Waters, Steve Melewski believes that Nick Markakis is the best player on this team -- not Aubrey Huff ; finally, the Roar from 34 takes a look at Oriole legend (ok, being facetious) here, Bob Milacki.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

The Roundup...

With about 46 games left in the season, the Orioles head to the Midwest where they'll take on the Indians and Detroit Tigers before coming back home to face the Red Sox and Yankees.

Despite everything that's been going with the team, it's been a pleasant surprise to see them four games under .500 after the dire predictions that many had in the media in the spring. Some fans are obviously disappointed that more moves were not made such as moving a Sherrill (I would not have minded seeing him dealt), Huff, Millar or Payton.

At this point, with the move of Chad Bradford to the Tampa Bay Rays -- there's one thing that has been abundantly made clear -- the rebuilding plan has not been deviated from in light of how the Orioles have done this season.

Now, being that we are in mid-August, I say bring up the kids and see what we've got. Things seem to be in motion with the promotion of Chris Waters from Norfolk, and slugger Luis "Lou" Montanez from Bowie. Will we see Bergesen, Wieters, McCrory or any assortment of the talent we have down in the minors? It will remain to be seen; however, I can say -- this is the first time in years I have felt positive about the direction of the Baltimore Orioles.

David Steele, in his column in the Sun this morning, alluded to the topic of the Orioles' rebuilding, and Amber Theoharis of MASN thinks the rebuilding process is giving notice to all the minor leaguers in the system that an opportunity is awaiting at the big league level if you can show your stuff.

The Sun's Peter Schmuck posted on his blog today that Jamie Walker might be moved (as he's cleared waivers). For me, I liked Jamie and he was a good soldier, plus entertaining; however, much like Bradford -- there's no point paying a guy X amount of money on a rebuilding team, especially if their speciality is getting a man who bats on a certain side of the plate out.

MASN's Roch Kubatko reports what's going down in the minors; Steve Melewski has more on the Chad Bradford trade; Sean Welsh has a report card on the Orioles from the weekend that passed; Orioles Hangout Scott Hoffman has a profile on Luke Scott; Nowick Gray has a look at the second half for the Orioles; Tony Pente wonders if the Orioles should replace George Sherrill as the closer.

Finally, during the weekend, former closer Gregg Olson was inducted into the Orioles' Hall of Fame along with traveling secretary Bill Itzoe and "Wild" Bill Hagy.

Photo Gallery: Texas Rangers vs. Baltimore Orioles; Aug. 10th, 2008

Texas Rangers vs. Baltimore Orioles; Aug. 10th, 2008

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Weekend That Was & Teixiera

Well, the Orioles won on Friday & Saturday thanks to strong pitching performances by Jeremy Guthrie and Daniel Cabrera, respectively. However, on Sunday, they got spanked by the Rangers 15-7, thanks to a poor pitching performance by Chris Waters and a implosion by the Baltimore bullpen. The Texas offense lit up the Baltimore staff and Sunday just became a long afternoon thanks to “the big inning” & poor play in the field (especially Cintron who might have opened up the flood gates in the first inning).

Mora and Huff each hit homers, but that could not save the Orioles at all.

Now, it’s time to hear from you all. As we know, Mark Teixiera got traded at the deadline in July, and there’s a lot of speculation as to where he’ll end up in 2009. The question is do you see the Orioles making a play for him, and if they do, would it be a wise decision by the organization or not?

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Photo Gallery: Texas Rangers vs. Baltimore Orioles; Aug. 9th, 2008

Texas Rangers vs. Baltimore Orioles; Aug. 9th, 2008

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Photo Gallery: Texas Rangers vs. Baltimore Orioles; Aug. 8th, 2008

Texas Rangers vs. Baltimore Orioles; Aug. 8th, 2008

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bradford Now A Ray; The Good, Bad & The Ugly from Yesterday...

Looks like we've stayed the course in the rebuilding project. I'm not too terribly surprised by the news...

The Orioles have assigned right-handed pitcher Chad Bradford to the Tampa Bay Rays via a waiver claim in exchange for a player to be named later, the team announced in a news release today.

Bradford was 3-3 with a 2.45 ERA in 40 1/3 innings over 47 relief appearances for the Orioles this season. He has appeared in 68 or more games in five of the past six seasons and finished third among American League relievers with 78 appearances for the Orioles in 2007.

Bradford, 33, signed a three-year contract with the Orioles as a free agent in November 2006.
Bradford was a good soldier and professional with us, but at this point, we need to stock up and get younger; thus, he staying around was not doing the Orioles any good in the evaluation process, nor he being on a sub .500 team.

Happy trails, Chad.

Other than that, the Orioles got spanked by the Angels on Wednesday; Lou Montanez hit his first major-league home run in his first ever bat, Nick Markakis' 3-run homer, and Payton's clinic in the outfield, there was not much else that could be said about the Orioles.

Olson was awful, and the Angels teed off on him. Well, the Orioles come back this weekend to face a Texas team that's been rolling...

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Impressed By Chris Waters; Jones Hurt and May Miss Rest of The Season

A star has been born in Baltimore, then again -- it might be for the week; however, Chris Waters, who was promoted from Triple-A Norfolk had the pleasure of facing the Angels in his first ever start in the majors. The guy was only 3-6 with a 5.70 ERA in Norfolk, and has been in the lower levels for nine years, so what could we all honestly expect?

Yeah, he was out *only against* the best team in baseball....

Only up in the majors because of a lack of starting pitching depth, Waters not only impressed, but delivered as he pitched eight innings of one hit ball. Personally, I thought he if made it through maybe five innings, Baltimore would have gotten a good start, but baseball is a game where anything can happen and it is even better that manager Dave Trembley entrusted Waters to go as deep as he could.

Chris Waters may be the next big thing, or a flash in the pan, but a decent major league pitcher; nevertheless, the Orioles beat the Angels, 3-0 last night.

The Orioles took a 2-0 lead in the first inning off both Nick Markakis' and Melvin Mora's RBI's, and then Luke Scott added the exclamation point with his 19th home run later on in the game. George Sherrill after his shaky outing on Monday, came in last night -- ok, he gave up a hit to add a little drama -- but he earned his 31st save.

I can't remember any pitcher recently -- much less on a contending team -- achieve what Chris Waters did in their first start ever in the majors. Amazing.

Too bad I didn't stay for up this, but thanks to and the magic of the net, I got see something wonderful this morning.

Considering the glee we all have this morning with the impressive outing by Waters, another one of your youngsters may be done for the season...

The Orioles' worst fears were confirmed yesterday with the news that center fielder Adam Jones has a fractured left foot, an injury that could end his impressive first season with the club.

Jones, who was injured Saturday when he fouled a pitch from the Seattle Mariners' Felix Hernandez off his foot, will wear a walking boot and be on crutches for the next two weeks before having another CT scan performed on his foot.

"I think he's looking at a minimum of four weeks out," Orioles manager Dave Trembley said. "It's a terrible thing for him and our team. I think the world of him. I hope he gets it taken care of."
Injuries are part of the game; however, the news really sucks for us Oriole fans. I'm sure the team will do the proper thing when it comes to Jones' injury -- if the kid is not healthy, or is still hurting -- have him sit for as long as needed. There's no point in ruining his career by having him come back too early.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Brett Favre Saga: Please Make It Stop!

I have been really bothered by the coverage of the Brett Favre saga with the Green Bay Packers for a while, but now it's taken on a while new level. The incessant media obsession over this story -- especially on the part of ESPN -- has become really, really annoying.

The sports media has treated this story like the O.J. Simpson case, literally, in the mid-1990's. Everyone and anyone who knew the guy, covered him, played with him, or looks good in a suit has even their opinion of this whole saga.

The same powers that built up "the-so-called-gunslinger" as a hero has now exposed him as a spoiled athlete, a diva and an overall pompous person. I have no sympathy for an athlete who makes $12 million a year, I just want this story to come to a conclusion and move on.

Honestly, the wall to wall coverage of this whole thing on sports talk radio, websites, blogs, the sports channels -- ESPN, ugh -- it's just becoming kind of well, disturbing.

And some of the fans I have seen -- do you think Brett cares? Maybe. However, he's only looking out for one person -- number one, or should we say number FOUR.

The man retired, un-retired, didn't want to comeback, wants to comebacks, wants the job, wants to settle with being a backup, competing for a job, blah, blah.

Please make it stop, please. Then again, it won't -- this story is good business for everyone, except maybe the one entity that may be hurt the most PR wise -- The Green Bay Packers.

I feel sorry for Aaron Rodgers, I really do.

Out on the Left Coast; Changes...

Oriole Magic almost came through on the left coast; however, with the game tied in the ninth, closer George Sherrill in trying to keep the game tied -- imploded.

After loading up the bases, he walked home the winning run in the bottom of the ninth and the Angels snuck by the Orioles, 6-5. After a poor start by Dennis Sarfate (who is assuredly more comfortable in a relief role), it looked like the game was going to get out of hand in fourth inning as Randor Beird hit Torii Hunter with the bases loaded to drive in the Angels' fifth run.

Despite being down, the Oriole bullpen held things as they were thanks to four innings of scoreless ball. In the ninth inning, Baltimore roared back in the game with four runs -- all off stud reliever Francisco Rodriguez, and greatly assisted by a key error from Mark Teixiera.

With all being said, the Orioles are now 53-58, and let a game get by them in which they valiantly fought to come back from. Meanwhile, it looks like Adam Jones might be headed to the disabled list (the team is very smart in doing this) and they are bringing up big slugger Luis "Lou" Montanez from Bowie, and Brandon Fahey was sent back to the minors.

As well, another fireballer from Norfolk, Chris Waters, will be making his major league debut tonight out in California.

Waters, 27, was 8-6 with a 4.65 ERA in 24 games at Double-A Bowie and Norfolk this season. He went 3-1 with a 3.60 ERA in six starts for the Tides in July.

Fahey, 27, hit .241 with five runs and 11 RBIs in 33 games with the Orioles.
It will be interesting to see how he does, and might be up just as a reinforcement until the pitching situation becomes clearer.

At this point, we might as see what we have at the lower levels and see if one of them could be a viable part of the major league roster for a rebuilding Oriole squad.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Photo Gallery: Cincinnati Reds vs. Washington Nationals: Aug 3rd, 2008

Cincinnati Reds vs. Washington Nationals: Aug 3rd, 2008

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Orioles Take Two Out Of Three in Seattle...

The Orioles on Saturday night won thanks the impressive pitching of Jeremy Guthrie and a late single by Aubrey Huff; meanwhile, on Sunday -- things were not good -- in fact, they looked awful in the latter half of the game. Yesterday's starter Daniel Cabrera perhaps blew the game in the seventh thanks to his inability to field his position, and the Seattle put up a three spot in the inning.

That broke a tie, and vaulted Seattle to a 8-4 win. Once again, Cabrera was shaky as he went 6 inning and gave up seven runs -- all earned -- thus, once has to think will this guy ever get himself under control or figure it out? It becomes frustrating when you look at this guy's potential and wonder if he could ever -- and I mean ever -- figure it out.

It would have been nice to see the Orioles earn the sweep, but once again, the lack of strong starting pitching cost them. Despite the loss, Brian Roberts, Kevin Millar and Luke Scott had two hits each -- one of the hits being Roberts' 8th homer.

And who would have thought Aubrey Huff would be hitting .304 in August after the year he had in 2007?


Let's hope Adam Jones isn't injured -- please; as well, we are still looking for a starter on Tuesday -- could it Penn (of course it doesn't help he got hit by a bat this weekend and got hurt)? Bergesen, the promising youngster from Bowie? Cormier? Or let be anyone from the system; however, just don't go out on the market and get someone...

And yes, Bedard spoke. He spoke well of his time in Baltimore; alas, what a lot of people have seen and read out of Seattle, he's been nothing but a surly jerk -- however, it was nice to hear him be complementary of the city and organization.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

O's Win On The Left Coast, 10-5

After Thursday came and past without any moves by the Orioles whatsoever, they traveled out the West Coast and for eight innings, Garrett Olson hunkered down and shutout the Mariners. However, he faltered in the ninth, and despite Lance Cormier only needing two outs -- all on hits that barely got out of the infield -- to end the game, he gave up four runs (two more charged to Olson, he allowed one in the 9th), and the Orioles won 10-5 in the Emerald City.

Despite throwing well, Olson gave up 11 hits to earn his eighth win of the season.
The Baltimore bats jumped all over Seattle starter Jarrod Washburn as they had a huge fifth inning where they scored eight runs. Nick Markakis had three hits, Jay Payton with 3-RBI and Adam Jones two runs driven in.

I could not even believe that Olson went into the eighth inning. Weird. A good, resounding win by the Orioles and an awesome way to start a road trip after the drama in New York.

Well, it looks like the Orioles made at least one move this week -- Brian Burres was sent to Norfolk, while Alex Cintron was activated. The move was a little surprising as I thought Burres would be put into the bullpen; however, after his appearance in New York -- he had to get some seasoning. He started off the season so well, but seemed to wilt -- much like he did last year -- at the mid-point of the season. This move had to happen.

Meanwhile, Daniel Cabrera will appeal his six-game suspension for plunking A-Rod in the second game of the Yankee series; finally, Roch has joined MASN officially and has two entries up already (here and here)...

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Photo Gallery: Cincinnati Reds vs. Washington Nationals; Aug. 1st, 2008

Cincinnati Reds vs. Washington Nationals; Aug. 1st, 2008

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