Wednesday, August 20, 2008

About Last Night; The Evil Empire 1A Defeats The O's; The 50 & 100 Millionth Fan...

It's hard to be an Oriole fan, and sit through the throngs of Red Sox fans who come down to Baltimore and invade Camden Yards to watch their team. Alas, I do it - not because I am masochist, but I like baseball in general and support the Orioles.

Well, last night the Red Sox beat the Orioles 7-2. There's not much to say -- Cabrera got hit hard, and could not get anyone out; Boston's Daisuke Matuszaka didn't look all that sharp -- however, he challenged the hitters and got himself out of a crucial bases loaded situation in the third inning to help his team win. If you were an Baltimore sitting in one of the green seats on Monday or Tuesday, it was sometimes was demoralizing, but as a fan, you stick it out & hope for the best.

In fact, the Orioles had chances to score, but Boston always seemed to find a way out of a sticky situation.

Cabrera is now 8-8, after giving up six runs, and unable to get out of the fifth inning. The Yard was filled with 48,515 -- alas, to little consquence of Oriole fan, all you heard were Red Sox chants the whole night.

On the bright side, congrats to the 50 millionth Oriole fan winner, Kevin Gracie. Well, it must be a great feeling to have won that loot and recieved the tickets and I'm glad it went to an Oriole fan who was very deserving.

Walking around the ballpark before the game, I'd never seen so many people waiting outside the park just to get in -- I can think only one other time where I had seen that many people outside, and that was durin Cal Ripken's sendoff to the Hall of Fame.

Yesterday's festivities just dwarfed that. Next up, it looks like the 100 millionth fan will come through the turnstiles on Saturday and that winner will get 5 five years of season tickets, a jersey, and $100,000. Of course, the Yankees will be in town, but let's see which Oriole fan gets it this time around.

Boston Red Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles: Aug. 19th, 2008

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