Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Two For The Price of One: O's Take First Game, Lose Second...

Last night, the Orioles had a doubleheader which featured a continuation of a game against the White Sox, which was held in Chicago -- four months ago. Since the Orioles could not fit in the game in their trip out to the Midwest in June, they continued it in Charm City.

Baltimore won the first game, 4-3, in 14 innings as Luis "Lou" Montanez -- who was not even on the roster when the game was played -- had the game winning RBI. Incidentally, the winning pitcher -- Alberto Castillo, along with Rocky Cherry, who earned the save -- were not even on the roster as well.

Chicago had the chance to win the game with the bases loaded as Dave Trembley issued a walk with two outs for the situation to occur; however, one of the White Sox's big boppers, Jermaine Dyre, popped out to end the game.

The second game was also close; however, the White Sox downed the Orioles, by a score of 4-3. Chris Waters, who started the game for Baltimore, looked a whole lot better than he did in his start against New York last week, but mistakes and a balk may have cost him the win. He only allowed three runs in seven innings, but he didn't get any help from a Juan Castro error that allowed a run to score, a balk that let Alexei Ramirez score, and a long Jim Thome two run homer in the seventh inning.

Despite Waters' effort, a strong White Sox bullpen, and amazing defense -- including quite a few amazing plays by Joe Crede, who just came off the DL -- let them sneak away with a W.

In closing, don't be like this fan:

Seriously, a few of my friends who I sat with during last's night game and I talked about security at the ballpark. Thank God nothing happened to any of the players, personnel or police at the hands of a drunk fan, who we would later see outside with a sprained or broken foot looking for a ride home (and perhaps some legal bills); alas, I'm surprised he was not stopped able to get as far as he did.

I remember the incident a few years ago where two fans -- a father and a son -- attacked the first base coach of the Kansas City Royals during a game and later served time for doing so.

I'm shocked nothing akin to the Seles attack of about ten years or more ago has not happened on the playing field considering the prevalence of alcohol, and the passion that goes in line with sports.

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Tova said...

wow, those shots of that fan are great.
I wasn't there last night, but that would have been cool to see.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

yah, it was wild -- I'm surprised he made it as far as he did; the scarier thing was we saw him outside on Schaffer Plaza after the game!

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