Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Brett Favre Saga: Please Make It Stop!

I have been really bothered by the coverage of the Brett Favre saga with the Green Bay Packers for a while, but now it's taken on a while new level. The incessant media obsession over this story -- especially on the part of ESPN -- has become really, really annoying.

The sports media has treated this story like the O.J. Simpson case, literally, in the mid-1990's. Everyone and anyone who knew the guy, covered him, played with him, or looks good in a suit has even their opinion of this whole saga.

The same powers that built up "the-so-called-gunslinger" as a hero has now exposed him as a spoiled athlete, a diva and an overall pompous person. I have no sympathy for an athlete who makes $12 million a year, I just want this story to come to a conclusion and move on.

Honestly, the wall to wall coverage of this whole thing on sports talk radio, websites, blogs, the sports channels -- ESPN, ugh -- it's just becoming kind of well, disturbing.

And some of the fans I have seen -- do you think Brett cares? Maybe. However, he's only looking out for one person -- number one, or should we say number FOUR.

The man retired, un-retired, didn't want to comeback, wants to comebacks, wants the job, wants to settle with being a backup, competing for a job, blah, blah.

Please make it stop, please. Then again, it won't -- this story is good business for everyone, except maybe the one entity that may be hurt the most PR wise -- The Green Bay Packers.

I feel sorry for Aaron Rodgers, I really do.

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