Monday, August 25, 2008

Sweep It Is; Yanks Take Three From Birds...

Sunday’s game was long – really long. On a sunny, hot day, the Yankees beat the Orioles, 8-7, to complete a three game sweep of the Orioles. To be quite honest, it was one of the longest, if not the longest nine-inning game I have ever had the luxury of sitting through.

Both teams started out ugly, and Daniel Cabrera was nothing short of horrible once again, only lasting a little more than three innings as he allowed seven runs – all earned – on nine hits and gave a long three-run shot to Johnny Damon. He hit Alex Rodriguez in the fourth inning, and we all thought a fight was going to break out; however, one didn’t, but they added three more in the fourth frame.

The Yankees’ Darrell Rasner was just as bad as Cabrera, and his bullpen didn’t help matters as they allowed Baltimore to come back and tie the game.

The game was decided in the seventh inning as struggling reliever Jamie Walker gave up a crushing home run to Robinson Cano – the second in the series – thus, after the Orioles came back from oblivion, New York takes the lead, 8-7, and later on Mariano Rivera gets his 31st save.

The stage was scripted for yet another comeback as with two outs in the ninth inning, Brian Roberts attempted to steal second – only to end up on third – after Ivan Rodriguez’s throw ended up in the outfield, the next batter, Nick Markakis struck out against Rivera to conclude things on Sunday.

Melvin Mora, Brian Roberts and Aubrey Huff each homered; however, the Orioles left an astounding thirteen men on base.

Despite that, the starting pitching once again was the Achilles’ heel for Baltimore, and one has to wonder if Cabrera is indeed injured, or he just does not have his head on straight.

Well, Baltimore’s match-up with contenders continues as the White Sox come to town for three games, including the continuation of the April 28th game.

Despite the offense – a supposed problem in spring training – coming together this season,

It’s a 2 –for—1 game tonight.

Finally, congratulations to Velma Greene who pleasantly surprised to be picked as the 100th million fan ever to attend a game in the franchise’s history.

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