Friday, August 29, 2008

The Status of Trembley...

Many of us know that Dave Trembley despite the limitations of the roster he’s got have made the Orioles into a team that’s at least competitive — if not so much record-wise — in the vast majority of games that have played in 2008.

However, he’s not been given an extension, much less a contract for ‘09. Why?

Take a read at what Peter Schmuck wrote this week in the Baltimore Sun:

“I think they have to like what he’s doing,” Kevin Millar said. “I think Dave Trembley has done a great job here. He has done everything he could do to change the focus and direction of this organization.”

True enough, and if the measuring stick for this team’s performance was the gloomy preseason expectations, Trembley’s job review ought to be pretty upbeat. The oddsmakers put the over-under line on Orioles victories this year at 64 1/2 . The team could pass that number before the end of August.

“From a player’s perspective, he’s been awesome,” Millar said. “I don’t think he ever gets outmanaged. I think he has the respect of the players. He also has a passion for the game itself that, as a player, you really appreciate. He’s into it every day. He’s not showing up here at 5o’clock.”

To the contrary, Trembley is so deeply committed to the team that you can see the losses starting to wear on him. He’s not quite the same guy before and after games that he was a few months ago. He’s taking it personally when his team is overmatched, which has not been lost on his players.

I would say MacPhail is doing evaluations from top to bottom this season, and from what I know, vey few people in the front office, coaching staff, or in the scouting department have been given deals for ‘09 and beyond.

It may be as simple as that. However, most fans know, the Orioles have played with fire, passion and effort under him; thus, most fans want Trembley at the helm in ‘09.

What do you all think?

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