Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Do We Sign Mussina?

For the past week, I have heard a lot of talk on Mike Mussina and his free agency. Right now, in the position he's in, he can opt to join another team, or ride into the sunset and retire.

The man won his 20th game on Sunday -- for the first time ever -- as the New York Yankees beat their arch-rivals, the Boston Red Sox. At 40, one might think he's got one good year or two left, as well might want to return next year to inch closer to 300, so the possibility is strong that he might return.

There's been chatter on the radio, and on the 'net about Mike Mussina possible returning to Baltimore. While, it might be a good feeling amongst fans to have a guy who probably should have never left the city to return, the age factor is enough for me to say 'pass'.

Like I said about Roberts, there's no need for the organization to pay a guy some bloated salary when the money could be better served somewhere else (perhaps with a younger pitcher; i.e. Burnett -- who will opt out and is not the friendliest guy out there -- thus, it's buyer beware with him).

Sorry, the Orioles need to go younger and stay the course.

Nevertheless, I think it's a bad move to sign to Moose -- as much as I respect him -- no matter how popular it may be to do so.

We won't be getting him of the mid-1990's, we'll be getting one of a decade later and older. Jamie Moyer might be a good case to contradict what I have just written; however, Mussina is, well, still 40, and not getting any younger.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Photo Gallery: Toronto Blue Jays vs. Baltimore Orioles; Sep. 28, & Photos After The Game...

Toronto Blue Jays vs. Baltimore Orioles; Sep. 28, 2008

After The Final Game -- At the Ballpark and the Lot

The Economy, The Day After & Here Come the Playoffs (I Think The Cubs Take It...)

To start today's post off, I am pissed off and let's say a tad concerned that my bank Wachovia FSB, has been merged with Citigroup (of course ALL bad news is announced on a Monday) due to the on going financial crisis. Do you think I feel better about the state of the United States economy? God forbid if anything happens with my bank account (although the FDIC protects up to $100,000).

Not really. Let's pray nothing happens further...


As the season has come to sad, but merciful end, I'd like to hand-out my own awards to select Orioles who have a difference, or perhaps have stunk it in ways we could not have imagined.

O's MVP and Comeback Player of the Year: Easy choice, Aubrey Huff. I know we have a bunch of Nick Markakis' lovers and admirers, but without Huff -- especially the way he began the year with fans and just delivered time and time again -- the O's would even be more worse off.

Least Valuable Oriole: Daniel Cabrera. In April-May, I was expecting him to perhaps improve after a string of strong performances; however, he regressed -- almost to the point of being worse off than he ever was and earning a one-way ticket out of Baltimore. I'm sure the guy tried, but if he can't get anyone out, leads the league in walks and hits, plus, has shown little-to-no-improvement, it's time to cut bait with him after five years.

Best Newcomer: Adam Jones. The kid is still raw, and has shown flashes of brilliance -- however, I am amazed with his play in field, as he moves like he's a ten year veteran, not a second year player. Expect his ceiling to be very high. I would have given Sherrill honors, but he faded after the All-Star break and fought injury; while Luke Scott has a lot of good on his part, his .255 average does nothing for me.

Moment of the Year: The Orioles comeback against the Tigers where they won 11-10.

Moment to Forget: Actually, everything after August 17th; a horrible bullpen; kids not ready for prime-time. A 7-30 finish. Not good.

The playoffs:

As the Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers play today to determine if Ozzie and crew play in a one game playoff against the Twins for the AL Central; here are my picks -- if anyone disagrees with me, feel free to leave a comment...

ALDS, Series One: Rays vs White Sox/Twins (I am picking the Twins here)
Winner: Rays

ALDS, Series Two: Angels vs. Red Sox
Winner: Angels barely win.

NLDS, Series One: Cubs vs. Dodgers
Winner: Cubs, although I think the Dodgers truly gives Chicago a run for their money...

NLDS, Series Two: Brewers vs. Phillies
Winner: Brewers. I think the Phillies choke.

ALCS: Rays vs. Angels
Winner: Angels barely get by the Rays, this goes at least six games.

NLCS: Cubs vs. Brewers
Winner: The Cubs play an epic series with the Brewers. Milwaukee gets killed without Sheets, but fight Chicago tooth and nail.

World Series: Cubs vs. Angels
Winner: I think destiny is on Chicago's side, but anything in the playoffs is possible.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Yet Another Loss; The 2008 Season Is Over...

The 2008 season is over and the Orioles had another uninspired loss -- their 25th in their last 30 games (harking back to the days of Mike Hargrove) -- as they lost 10-1 to the Blue Jays. Guthrie came back and was not sharp; however, the bullpen was worse as they gave up seven unanswered runs.

We end the season at 68-93 -- and let's consider we were at 61-63 on August 17th and we all we're talking about .500, or ever better with a hot streak. However, as the competition got tougher, the injuries mounted, and the season took its toll -- things went from mediocre to just plain bad.

The only positive from today from what I could tell: Aubrey Huff was named 'The Most Valuable Oriole' (just remember how badly he was railed in April -- yes, he deserved it, but a job well done by he.)

It was more badness upon more badness, and this time no rain delay could save the Baltimore Orioles. Despite it all, there's still some sadness -- at least on my part -- that there will no more baseball within the region until next spring.

As we close the book on 2008, one can only ponder the changes in the books. Who goes, who stays?

Who is coming to town (Burnett maybe?) Do we deal Roberts? Does our second baseman want to stay despite perhaps the continuation of a lengthy rebuilding process? How do we fix the pitching?

If you need a sobering fact how bad things have gotten, just read this sentence from Roch's blog...

The finale drew 19,554 fans and the O's season attendance, for 78 home dates, was 1,950,077.

For years, the Orioles drew over 3 million people; however, as the team has gotten worse and marquee players have left, baseball is alive in Baltimore, but much of the passion is dead -- or barely alive. Just imagine if we didn't have the Red Sox or Yankees coming to partake a day or night of baseball in Baltimore.

As much work as the PR department of the team has put into getting crowds back in the park with promotions, ticket discounts, and $1 seats -- the fact of the matter is that the Orioles have been horrible. Aside from the diehards showing up, it seems that very few people will come to see bad baseball -- no matter how much prices are discounted.

It didn't have to be this way in Baltimore, or with the Nationals 40 or so miles down the road.

While we ponder of all of this, here are some shots from Friday. I'll have Sunday's later on in the week.

Toronto Blue Jays vs. Baltimore Orioles; Sep. 26, 2008

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Splish, Splash, Taking A Bath...

Well, it’s 10 losses in a row for a Baltimore Orioles. Chris Waters was decent as he went six innings and gave up three runs, but labored towards the end. The Orioles were behind 3-0 when the skies opened up and the waters — I mean, the rain came down.

At least the loss came quick, and we didn’t have to wait all night or be subjected to perhaps a shaky bullpen to figure it out. There was an announced crowd of 17,176 — I say closer to 10,000 — saw the third to last game of the season and the end could not come soon enough.

The Jays’ Scott Richmond pitched six shut-out innings to earn the win.

Next week, I’ll start handing out grades for everyone on the 2008 season & that should be interesting.

I’m out of words and just disgusted as to what I have seen this week. Is it possible to be this bad? Yes.

There’s nothing like two bottom feeding teams in the region (the other being the Nationals, and boy do they *really* have problems).

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Photo Gallery: Tampa Bay Rays vs. Baltimore Orioles, Game Two; Sep. 24th, 2008

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Baltimore Orioles, Game Two; Sep. 24, 2008

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Photo Gallery: Tampa Bay Rays vs. Baltimore Orioles, Game One; Sep. 24th, 2008

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Baltimore Orioles, Game One; Sep. 24, 2008

About Last Night; What About Roberts?

Eight straight losses; a bullpen that cannot hold the lead (God bless Jamie Walker — I love the guy personally, but he’s been very ineffective); players now going through the motions; of course, our annual swoon — only 5-24 in the last 29 games???

After a season that looked to be somewhat promising and that could have energized a fan base looking for something, anything to latch onto, the baseball Gods have punished us once again. Well, after watching the Orioles lose to the Rays in both games of their doubleheader on Tuesday, I have thrown up my hands. The team -- more or less, the bullpen -- blew the second game for Alfredo Simon -- who looked great and could be a budding arm in the rotation.

At least there is some promise, but...

What do we do? At this point, we as fans might have to suffer through losing and hope our talent comes through the lower levels and improves — if does it even happen. The Orioles are starting to build a system — however, it has to work from the ground up, and we are a ways bit from being an elite one much like what the Red Sox, Angels, Marlins or even Yankees have.

Being that the Orioles are at such a perilous state -- let's ponder a question that took up an inordinate amount of my time during the winter, and fans' time on blogs, message boards, Orioles Hangout, and on sports talk radio.

The issue of Brian Roberts.

This morning, Sun columnists Bill Ordine and Kevin Eck discuss in a point-counterpoint fashion when it comes to keeping the venerable second baseman around (Ordine is against keeping him; while, Eck is for having him stay here).

Folks, this is my take -- again.

Everyone and their mother loves Roberts, not only for his play on the field, but being a great representative off the field (sans the steroid stuff) in the Baltimore community.

As a fan, I would not want him to go; however, realistically, as a baseball head, if he brought me X amount of prospects, and a golden arm or two -- because we need it -- he's dealt.

If this team were around .500 or so, I'd take the risk and sign him to extension; alas, since Baltimore is only a .430 at best, the resources should be devoted to building a team from the ground up -- not keeping beloved figures around for a bloated salary.

A team like the Cubs could have used him this year to get the promised land; however, a team like the Orioles would have still finished well in the second division.

Most every team now -- including the Yankees and Red Sox -- know that you build your team in the minors, and use free agency as a tool only to plug in spots for a team that's on the brink of contention.

The Orioles do not.

A team like the Red Sox are not only successful because of their market size, and the money they spend -- it's because they have sometimes gotten rid of popular players (Pedro Martinez, Lowe, Nomar Garciaparra - who was head to the Hall of Fame before he had the injurt bug hit him one too many times - Bronson Arroyo, and countless others) were dealt in order to build the 2008 version. They relied on guys like Lester, Ellsbury, Youkilis, and youngsters like Jed Lowrie to get where they are today.

Baltimore must have the same line of thinking. Winning is what matters, and much like in business, sometimes you have to take a risk to become successful; thus, if the opportunity comes again where Roberts might be traded, and the deal is right -- it needs to be done for the good of the Orioles.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Having A Plan and Sticking With It...

The Rays continued their march to the playoffs by defeating the Orioles, 4-2, last night in a 3/4 empty Camden Yards. After being a witness to history this weekend, the Birds of Baltimore continued their woeful ways with their sixth loss in a row.

Honestly, I watched a little of the game yesterday to catch David Price's debut, and he looked solid while having the jitters; meanwhile, Brian Bass looked good and threw a little more than four no-hit innings, then hit the wall -- literally. It looked like he got tired, and Trembley had to pull him out the game.

Then it got worse, with errors galore, stupid base running mistakes, a bad bullpen and not making the most of their opportunities.

Geez, sort of reminds me of the Tampa Bay Rays -- or the Devil Rays, as they were once known as -- circa 2008.

The Orioles we see out on the field reminded me of the god-awful Rays of old -- a team staked with veterans past their prime and kids who had little idea what they were doing. For that region and their fan base, it's been a long painful road, but after an ownership change, highly successful drafts and an eradication of a losing philosophy, they have seen the promised land.

Simply, the Birds may have to live with losing for a good while before the ride turns. It's not to say that Peter Angelos will sell the team -- I don't see that happening -- but, there has to be change in the thinking of the team. It looks like the Orioles are making utterly stupid mistakes on the field, and when all was said and done, Trembley let them have it in his post game press conference.

"The games that you should win, we should win," said Trembley, whose team has three losing streaks of five games or more during the past four weeks and is 5-23 during that span. "I don't care what time of the year it is, I don't care what game it is. You get an opportunity to win the game, do enough right things to win it. And there weren't enough things done right to win the game. This is the big leagues."

The play the Orioles have shown on the field during the last month plus is what plagued Tampa Bay for nearly a decade, and until the they start to play like the games mean something along with master basic fundamentals, this organization is going nowhere.

There's a lot of hope with Baltimore with guys like Markakis, Jones, Johnson, Guthrie and up-and-comers like Wieters, but the guys who are in the lineup day in and day out have to perform, no matter what time of year it is.

We have a guy in Andy MacPhail, who has some experience in team building and as fans, we have no choice but to trust him.

At this point, I just say let's see his plan develop and hope for the best. I hoped that we'd see .500 and move from there; however, after the latest swoon, this organization has more deals to make and a larger job to do in order to see the promised land.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Eddie Vedder's "All The Way"...

One of my favorite artists, Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam pays homage to his hometown team, the Chicago Cubs, in a song titled, "All the Way", which has a distinct acoustic sound.

An excellent song about simply being a Cub fan, Wrigley Field, those fans who root for the Cubbies who have come and are still on this wide green earth who love their team.

If the Cubs make it to the Series, I'm rooting for them to go all the way.

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The Weekend That Was…

While the Yankees were shown on ESPN as the main feature of their Sunday Night Baseball broadcast, and the Orioles were bit players in the whole spectacle -- they lost again, 7-3 -- I appreciated as a fan the effort our guys gave on Friday and Saturday.

Liz was impressive, and I still don't know what to think of Burres' amazing performance -- wow.

Burres, needless to say, has struggled throughout the season looked like, well an ace as he went seven innings, gave up three hits, struck out two and gave no runs.

Ok, so this is probably not ever going to be the norm for Burres; however, the past week has shown us that Oriole pitching does have some potential in the future if it can be consistent.

Speaking about pitchers, I got a question for you all -- if Bedard based on his numbers and lack of success during the '08 tenure gets non-tendered by Seattle, do you all think there's a door open for him in Baltimore?

Finally, for anyone who might have been at Yankee Stadium this weekend, it would be real interesting to hear a story or two. However, there's nothing like revisionist history -- why was Roger Clemens along with Joe Torre omitted from the ceremonies?

The fact that Clemens was left out was obvious; alas, then why were Giambi and Pettitte cheered on the field?

But the fact Torre was left out of the whole pomp and circumstance -- he only did win 4 World Series for New York -- was galling.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Final Day Game at Yankee Stadium

The Final Day Game at Yankee Stadium: Baltimore Orioles vs. New York Yankees; NY, NY, Sep. 20th, 2008

Well, I am back home after a day at Yankee Stadium on Saturday, and what a splendid one it was not only for a ball game, but the final day game at the Stadium.

Although most Oriole fans detest Yankee fans who come to Yard and take over, yesterday, they were for the most part very hospitable and friendly -- in a New York kind of way.

The good thing about yesterday was seeing all the fans who came from all over the country -- especially, a good-sized contingent of Oriole fans decked out in orange and black along with shouting the "O" during the National Anthem -- making the trek to Yankee Stadium.

I sat in the Bleachers, for only the second time ever, but sat in the first row and had a ton of fun. The fans up there are passionate about their baseball, and are certainly knowledgeable, as I sat next to a kind man and his son who chatted with me on various topics throughout the day. I even sat through the roll call that the "Bleacher Creatures" partake in before the game chanting out each and every player (except the catcher and pitcher for obvious reasons.)

We all know what happened -- the Orioles lost 1-0 in the bottom of the ninth as Robinson Cano looped a hit to center off Jamie Walker; however, it was nice to see the Orioles fight and especially Brian Burres look nothing short of impressive against one of the powerhouse offenses in the sport.

I was a bit apprehensive about sitting in the bleachers just for photography purposes, but it could not have worked out any better.

Before the game, legendary slugger Reggie Jackson caused a scene as he took a tour of the bleacher area and decided to spot where he hit all of his legendary home runs during that amazing game in the '77 World Series.

I have seen Jackson act standoffish with fans, and at times a gentleman; thus, on Saturday, I was completely amazed by what I saw -- he posing with fans, chatting with them, and being very emotional when he was gazing at where his shots landed. It was an incredible moment to see, and being a baseball fan I appreciated every minute of it.





In the ninth inning, I expected Jim Miller to need a police escort to get out of the stadium after being drilled on the hand as a fastball tailed towards Derek Jeter.

Of course being called an a**hole by anyone is never a good thing, but when about 80% of crowd is doing it as you're walking to the dugout, it can be humbling. Miller got the royal treatment on Saturday afternoon, and you only had to feel for the kid.




Finally, look at all the police that swarmed the field after the game! I guess they have to protect the stadium, and when you see stuff like this on EBay, you can only wonder why.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Onto the Old Yankee Stadium Perhaps For The Last Time...

People, I'm heading to Yankee Stadium today and unless I can get a ticket for Sunday, this is will be the last time I'll see the old ball yard ever. Times change, but the old place will be missed, and it's too bad that a newer, brighter, more expensive building will be done in time April of next year. I'm heading up there with a Yankee fan, who is a co-worker and buddy of mine.

He's from Northern Virginia and has never been there before in his 28 years on this earth, so I guess now was a good-time as any to pay-ridiculously-above-face ticket prices to see Yankee Stadium once more (for me perhaps the 40th time). Hey, we have front row bleachers in right field, so it can't be all that bad.

I'll have pics and all, so stay tuned.

Onto I-95, and the New Jersey Turnpike we go!

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ESPN's Page Two Loves Camden Yards

Jim Caple -- of ESPN fame -- recently wrote an article on ESPN's Page Two about the top 100 sports venues in the nation. Yankee Stadium was number one; however who was number two?

Baltimore's Camden Yards.

Here's what was said:

Because it started the entire retro-stadium craze and the tsunami of taxpayer-funded facilities that dramatically changed revenues and altered the sports landscape. Because according to a Fieldofschemes.com estimate, taxpayers now pay an estimated $2 billion annually to fund stadiums and enrich owners and players alike. Because it's a big reason your ticket now costs so much. Because it spelled the death of cookie-cutter architecture and a return to the style of Ebbets Field. Because it's a ballpark, not a stadium. Because it did all that and kept the luxury suites understated. Because of the brick warehouse, Boog's barbecue pit and the way Cal made us feel when he went to work for the 2,162nd day in a row. Because 16 years later (has it really been that long?) it still remains the model for what a ballpark should look like.

I have always said to friends and other fellow baseball fans that in 50 years, Oriole Park at Camden Yards will be in the same pantheon as Fenway Park, Dodger Stadium, Wrigley Field and the soon to be departed Yankee Stadium.

Of course, Caple rightly mentions the very good and bad that the erection of Camden Yard has brought not only the world of baseball -- also sports in general in terms of publicly funded sports palaces and the highly-debated topic of urban renewal -- however, the beauty of the facility can not understated.

Even sixteen years after it opened, with the exception of maybe PNC Park in Pittsburgh, no one else has probably gotten the retro-feel right. Unlike the soulless monstrosity in Washington D.C. known as Nationals Park, or the gimmicky Great American Park in Cincinnati, you feel like you're in a ballpark when you enter Camden Yards, not some mall or entertainment venue with little or any redeemable value.

Sometimes less is more, and it's great we have such an architectural gem in our region.

Now, only if we could get a winning team on the field, then Camden Yards would be something.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Photo Gallery: New York Mets vs. Washington Nationals, Sep. 18th

New York Mets vs. Washington Nationals; Sep. 18th, 2008

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Photo Gallery: New York Mets vs. Washington Nationals; Sep. 15th, 2008

New York Mets vs. Washington Nationals; Sep. 15th, 2008

Photo Gallery: Minnesota Twins vs. Baltimore Orioles, Sept. 14th

Minnesota Twins vs. Baltimore Orioles; Sep 14th

The Way It Is, Cabrera and Twins-Orioles Photos From Saturday's Doubleheader...

It was another loss for the Orioles -- this time, a close one -- as they lost to the Jays, 3-2. The O's offense was quieted, and Garrett Olson was decent; however, they could do little against Jesse Litsch.

This is becoming a sad march towards the final two weeks of the season, as the Orioles have lost 19 out of their last 24 games, and Daniel Cabrera has now joined Jeremy Guthrie and Jim Johnson on the DL.

At this point, you've really got to wonder if Daniel will be in an Oriole uniform, or perhaps non-tendered. After a number of years, he who he is, or if he goes off to another team, "will the light finally flicker on"?

But hey, you could be Erik Bedard. Boy, how far has his stock dropped? Again, Andy MacPhail looks like a total genius for making that move...

Finally, it looks the Orioles may have some good news to wrap up the season -- according to the Baltimore Sun, Aubrey Huff, Nick Markakis and Brian Roberts are on pace to hit at least 50 doubles this season, which would make them the first three teammates to accomplish that feat in the same season.

That would be an amazing feat.

Meanwhile, here are some Twins vs. Orioles photos from the doubleheader on Saturday night...

Minnesota Twins vs. Baltimore Orioles; Sep. 13th, Game One

Minnesota Twins vs. Baltimore Orioles; Sep. 13th, Game Two

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Last Days of Yankee Stadium

Finally, this weekend will be the last for Yankee Stadium, and for I as a baseball fan, it is sort of seeing one of the last true relics of the past give way to a building. Sadly, it will be much like new stadiums of today seem to be soulless and a temple of excess devoted to a cast system with tiered seating separated by a delineation of wealth.

Although it is the not the same Yankee Stadium that is used to be when Ruth, Maris, DiMaggio played in -- it was redone in the 70's,as most know -- it was still a home for some of the most iconic images of the sport today, and remains a baseball cathedral.

The facility is aged, and is lacking in the fundamental amenities that their newer counterparts have – a new LCD high-definition scoreboard as big as a compound, restaurants, luxury boxes, and club sections; however, the building – despite it being rebuilt – is a living testament of baseball history and success. It's a gargantuan building, pretty and all, but it surely won't be the same as the building across the street.

It's like what happened in Baltimore with Memorial Stadium. Yes, the old ballyard was a building past it's time, but we know now that after the Orioles move out of there, the feeling was not the same with Camden Yards, as lovely as it is.

Our rivals in New York will feel the same way, if not even worse.

No matter if you hate or love the Yankees, you can’t underestimate what Yankee Stadium means in the larger baseball lexicon. ESPN is giving its viewers round-the-clock coverage on Sunday, and while its great for them to do it – I don’t find it necessary.

Now, I am hoping to get up there this weekend, but I am sympathetic to a lot of Yankee fans who will be priced out the stadium: however, if they do get in, would only be able to see their team from the upper decks and not feel any intimacy with the product or their players.

It’s a shame, but I guess it’s a very unfortunate byproduct of winning and doing it often...

O’s Lose, Next Season’s Schedule

The Orioles blew a six-run lead, and lost an easily winnable game to the Toronto Blue Jays, 8-7. Well, the offense carried the them for the first half of the game – including Aubrey Huff’s 32nd home run – however, the Jays bashed Brian Bass for a five run fifth inning.

The Baltimore pitcher had hurled four shut-out innings, but had run into trouble and then the bullpen could not hold up the lead, giving up runs in the sixth, seventh and eighth innings.

As the season is coming to a close, there’s at least two positives I see in the short term – the offense not folding, and some improvement amongst the starting pitching staff with Guthrie on the DL, and the status of Daniel Cabrera unknown now with an injury – now is the time for the youngsters to make an impact and perhaps be strongly considered for a roster spot for ’09 Spring Training.


The Baltimore Orioles 2009 schedule came out yesterday, and the Yankees are the scheduled opponent for the home opener a week after the season begins.

I often look for the interleague match-ups first, and next year the Orioles host the Mets, Braves, and regional rival, the Nationals. I think the Mets may be a hot ticket, and the Braves always seem to a draw a decent contingent; thus, the atmosphere at the Yard may be interesting when summer comes around.

Meanwhile, the Orioles travel to Florida (a trip I may go on just to see how empty a stadium can be), and to Washington for their interleague road trips.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Sign of the Apocalypse & MASN 24-HR High-Def

(just kidding)

A day after Radhames Liz's unexpected start, the Orioles got another gem from a starter -- this time, Chris Waters and his shutout -- as they beat the Jays, 2-0.

What looked like to be hell on earth with this pitching staff has suddenly turned a new leaf. This is an aberration? Maybe; however, it shows that our arms can do the job -- if they are consistent and pitch in the zone.

Waters' line: 9 IP, 0 ER, 3 K, 2 BB, 4 H...

Let's make life miserable for the Jays, Yankees, and Rays.

Go O's.


I have given MASN both praise and criticism for the past several years, but the announcement today about MASN having an HD channel is good news for everyone.

A lot has been made of the station's ratings -- especially in Washington -- the success of the network and it's viability is directly tied in with the fortunes of the Orioles and Nationals; thus, the product on the field for both teams have to improve greatly and people seem to completely miss that.

But this is a win-win for fans, and the network has given us what we want...
MASN, the local leader in live sports entertainment, will launch a full-time HD channel in March of 2009 and will more than double the number of HD telecasts of Nationals and Orioles games.

Expanding on MASN's successful first season utilizing high definition technology, the network will air up to 200 Major League Baseball games in HD in 2009, giving sports fans an HD game every night of the season. Additionally, the channel will carry Ravens preseason games, selected NCAA Division I football, basketball, and lacrosse games, and ESPN News in HD.

MASN's first season with high definition programming made available 40 Orioles games and 40 Nationals games in HD to 21 different cable and satellite providers throughout the seven state region.

It would be nice if the networks for have more local/sport specific programming (like YES's CenterStage/NESN programming), but I guess you all will get there. Well, I think with the development of the network, you can only do so much so fast, considering cash flow and a multitude of other things.

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Brian's Baseball Bash: Mini-Report & Pictures

On Sunday night, baseball fans, kids, parents and strong contingent of Oriole players and staff got together at the ESPN Zone in Baltimore's Inner Harbor for the 3rd annual "Brian's Baseball Bash" to benefit the University of Maryland Hospital for Children.

The popular restaurant was seemingly filled to the walls with people -- well over 500 or so -- for the sold-out event that was far more laid-back and friendly; thus, it gave a chance for ardent Oriole fans a-once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet and mingle with their favorite players for three hours.

Walking the event, you could see Brian Roberts mingling with fans and well-wishers, or if you traveled a few feet in front of you, Nick Markakis signed anything and everything; meanwhile, if you ventured upstairs, Orioles hurler Jeremy Guthrie was taking all-comers in basketball, and only a few feet away, Brandon Fahey had a smile grin to grin after posing with some kids.

There was also an impressive display on the main floor with autographs of who’s who of baseball – stuff from Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, David Ortiz and more – to bid on, as well as a live auction later on the event selling memorabilia and opportunities to learn from the pros on the team with one-on-one lessons.

As far as the eye could see, there were players, fans and a ton of food laid out immaculately everywhere; however, Brian’s Baseball Bash is more than admirers celebrating their favorite players or getting an autograph or a picture, it’s all about a larger and vital cause -- improving the lives of sick children in the greater Baltimore metropolitan area.

The event could not have been possible without Brian Roberts and it’s one that’s close to his heart – literally.

As most Oriole fans know who have attended a game or two within the past few years, he is known for spending some of his free time during season in Baltimore visiting sick children in the hospital and doing his part to lift their spirits. When Roberts was five years old, he had open heart surgery and despite it all, he beat the odds and has made a name for himself as one of the pre-eminent second baseman in the game; thus, as his career his taken off – he decided to give back to the community.

In a time where athletes have sometimes made headlines for all the wrong reasons, it’s nice to see someone like Roberts and the Baltimore Orioles do their little part to improving the lives of many in the community.

Brians’s Baseball Bash - Balto, Md - Sept. 14, 2008

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Help Comes When You Least Expect It...

Class, raise your hands high — I mean real, real high — if you expected Radhames Liz to go eight shutout innings on Sunday afternoon.

Ok, if anyone expected him go to eight — much less six, or even five shutout innings — you might want to consider stopping at a 7-Eleven in Washington D.C., Delaware, or over the Pennsylavania border and start playing Powerball.

Out of nowhere and a day after giving up 24 runs in a doubleheader on Saturday, Liz threw a gem and gave the Orioles a much needed win over the Twins, 7-3. Despite things getting little interesting in the ninth inning with the return of George Sherrill, Liz dominated one of the best teams in baseball and thanks to the aid of five home runs — two from Markakis and Oscar Salazar (?) — finally, the Orioles earned a resounding win for the first time in a good, long while.

I didn’t know what was wrong with Liz at the major league level considering he dominated in the minors, but he had command, only walked one and sometimes just focusing rather than blowing it by people makes all the difference.

Was Sunday an aberration for Liz? Who knows, but the kid has finally given us a lot to look forward to, if he can be consistent.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lou Montanez at the ESPN Zone, Sept. 9th

Lou Montanez - ESPN Zone; Sept. 9th, 2008

On Tuesday, the ESPN Zone in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor hosted its last ‘Orioles Q&A’ with the newest Oriole, outfielder Lou Montanez.

The afternoon event, which was sponsored by ESPN Zone, Baltimore Orioles public relations department and was emceed by esteemed Maryland sportscaster Tom Davis, gave fans a unique chance to ask Montanez, who in his short time in the majors has made quite an impression by batting over .300 and hitting a home run in his first ever major league at-bat.

The crowd at the popular restaurant was somewhat smaller this time around, than in the summer when kids and families were able to venture into the big city; nevertheless, the 26-year old outfielder was able to open himself up and be candid. During his 20 minute Q&A, Montanez, not only talked about his time in Baltimore, but in the minors, and how the sport he loved as a youth became his dream profession.

After the Q&A session, he signed autographs and posed for pictures in an adjacent room near general seating area of the restaurant.

Montanez, who is from the Miami area, was signed by the Chicago Cubs in the first round of the 2000 MLB Draft with the third pick, has toiled around in the minors for the past eight seasons; however, he made an impact with the Bowie Baysox (the Orioles’ Double-A team), by winning the regular season Triple Crown in the Eastern League.

He and others around him knew his big year in Bowie merited him a shot with the big club in Baltimore, but he put it all into perspective, and knew making it would be tough.

Looking back in everything so far, Lou reflected on his successful season and noted it was not without struggles as he quipped, “I started off slow – I was probably the slowest hitter on the team; I started warming up and have not stopped hitting, and it shows.”

Thus, Montanez knew he had a wonderful shot of getting a promotion to the major leagues, but he knew a few things had to happen aside from his obvious talent in order to see his name in lights at Camden Yards.

“I knew I was going to get a good shot a promotion, and luckily a few things happened on the team where I got the opportunity.” He later added, “I think you get from the coaches; there’s a lot of opportunity, a lot of talk and people are noticing what you’re doing. The players, they start motivating you and telling you, ‘oh hey, you’re doing really well and you’re going to get a good opportunity to go up there.”

Not short on confidence, he quipped on being in Baltimore, “I feel like I belong here – or I think I’ll be here.”

Incidentally, on a team that features standout youngsters Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, and fan favorite, Luke Scott, Montanez is looking for a permanent spot on the roster as an outfielder – however, he’s not a natural outfielder.

He remarked on his transition from the outfield from the infield in high school – he was originally a shortstop – in response to a fan question, “there was so much competition, they found me to me to be very athletic, and probably I why I was moved from shortstop. I think they valued my offense more than my defense, so that’s kind of why I moved over.”

Montanez also added, “I don’t think I’ll be going back to shortstop, it’s not a position I’ve played in a years. It would take took a lot of years to get back and adjust to it (the outfield), but I like it.”

The topic later moved to Dave Trembley, the manager of the Orioles, and Montanez has a unique perspective on him, considering he was managed by him both in with the Chicago organization and with Baltimore, obviously.

Of course, Lou mentioned Trembley’s doctrine which happens to be etched in stone for any Oriole fan that’s followed the team since he’s come on board. “He (Trembley) wants you to be very disciplined. He’s got two rules: be on time and respect the game; as a player, that’s all you ask for out of your manager.”

About halfway through the event, Tom Davis asked Montanez about his first major home run which came in his first-at-bat ever in the major leagues off Ervin Santana of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and he said, “yeah, the first time I was up – I just wanted to make contact and didn’t strikeout. Obviously, I didn’t strikeout.”

Soon the conversation turned to the difference between the lifestyle of a major and minor leaguer, and Montanez made it sound nothing short of stark as he commented to Davis and those in attendance, “Well, the services. When you get to the ballpark, they provide everything for you; haircuts, they wash your car, they bring whatever you want. Life is easier; they (the Orioles) just want you to concentrate on baseball.”

Most people know that major leagues travel by chartered planes and buses; however, Lou said about the travel in Double-A by just simply saying, “We travel by bus, it’s all bus – we can’t drive ourselves – it’s strictly the bus.”

Alas, despite the less than sometimes luxurious accommodations that there is with minor league travel, Montanez gave a different view of the ballparks which one would assume would be old, cracky, and dingy, “Surprisingly, a lot of ballparks these days are really nice – they accommodate the players real well; especially Double and Triple-A. I have no problem with them, they are all well done.”

He also went into the preparation that he goes through when stepping foot in the ballpark as he quipped, “You have to be at ballpark for a 7:00 game at two or three o’clock. You stretch, you take batting practice; do you whatever you need to do – some guys like to go to the gym, some like to take extra batting practice, some guys like to lie around and lounge before game time and that’s how they perform,” he also added, “there are little nooks in the clubhouse if you want to take a nap you can before the game; there’s a big screen TV, some guys play video games, everyone is different.”

Soon the conversation turned to some of the young up-and-comers on the Bowie Baysox.

“There are a couple of players – especially pitchers. There’s (Brad) Bergesen, David Hernandez, doing really well, outstanding pitchers. Bergesen will probably be a guy that’s considered and Wieters – he’s one of the best hitters I’ve ever played with in the minors. He’ll be up here. Don’t forget Tillman – he’s still young – there’s not a time-table on him, but he’ll be part of the future.”

Towards the end of the Q&A, Montanez remarked on how he got into the sport of baseball and he mentioned his inspiration – his father, and the start of his story elicited quite a response from the crowd – laughter.

“I started really early, and my dad hit me in the face with a baseball, so I stopped playing for a lot of years”, Lou said in a sardonic tone, but gravitated back the sport by mentioning, “One year, I got bored in my house, and when I was ten, I just picked it up again and started playing; I’ve never stopped playing ‘til this day. I knew I had a shot at professional in my later high school years.”

Davis, a minute later asked if the outfielder was not in the sport, what would he be doing, “If was I not in baseball – I’ve always interested in planes; I’d be a pilot, or do something involved in aviation.”

Finally, the Q&A portion of the event ended as Lou spoke the on the diminishing interest in baseball with today’s kids as asked by Davis, “I think other sports are a little more popular (than baseball). There’s more popularity with football and a lot of little kids are actually playing soccer these now-a-days. I guess there are just a lot of ups and downs, sometimes one sport is more popular than another and it shows as there’s not a lot of kids coming in and playing baseball.”

He also added about the popularity of the sport internationally, “The popularity in the states may not be there for baseball, but around the world it is. Japan, Korea, the Dominican Republic – those places, it’s their national sport and a lot of talent from those places are coming in and seeping into the major leagues. Now that there’s the World Baseball Classic, it makes it kind of more interesting for the baseball players.”

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Brian's Baseball Bash: This Sunday

Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts and his teammates will host Brian's Baseball Bash to benefit the University of Maryland Hospital for Children at ESPN Zone this weekend.

The charity event will last from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. this Sunday, Sept. 14, at ESPN Zone and will be a fun-filled night of dinner, interactive games, auctions and giveaways from the Orioles, with all of the proceeds benefiting the hospital.

For further information regarding ticket sales and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Krista Ellis at 410-328-6064 or kellis@umm.edu. The tickets are $200 for adults and $150 Children 12 and Under.

Also, check out the official site for Brian's Baseball Bash...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yet Another Loss & Millar

Last night, we made another young pitcher look like Cy Young, and we lost again to Cleveland, 7-1. The Orioles only got three hits, and two Kelly Shoppach homers made the difference.

Ugh. I guess the march to the finish line is going to be painful.

Anyhow, the Orioles are obviously thinking about nine as of their callups have been placed in prominent roles, and one fellow who has made quite an impression in the heart of fans wants to return.

His name is Kevin Millar; however, do his numbers justify another contract with the Orioles and should he take up the spot of a youngster who could potentially help the team in the future, or a free agent with some pop in his bat?

His contributions to Boston's first World Series title team in 86 years will forever link him to Red Sox Nation. He has spent more time with the Florida Marlins than with any other club.

Yet Kevin Millar, the fun-loving, trash-talking, gear-grinding veteran first baseman, thinks of himself as an Oriole.

He has been one since 2006. And, despite facing free agency this offseason, he wants to be an Oriole again in 2009. Like everything with Millar, that's not a secret.

"Truthfully speaking, I want to be here," Millar said. "I feel like everything is going in the right direction."

His viewpoint hasn't changed even as the Orioles scuffle through another losing campaign.

"I enjoy the tough times when you are rebuilding, revamping," he said. "I enjoy those times because when you see a team turn the corner, it is pretty neat."

But will Millar, the only Orioles regular eligible for free agency, be around for better times in Baltimore? Will he even be here on Opening Day 2009?

It's a complicated scenario, and an answer won't be given before late December, perhaps not until January. The Orioles likely will study their options, analyze the trade and waiver markets and make a run at prize free agent and Mount St. Joseph alumnus Mark Teixeira before any decision on Millar is made.
As much as I love Millar, his positivity, and jovial nature, the Orioles would serve themselves well by seeing what's out there on the market and internally before tendering him another contract. You can't win with an entire team of guys under 30, but the organization must keep it's eye on the future and on the road ahead.

His 2008 numbers will end up being somewhat average, but respectable in the power department; however, does this team really need another player on the wrong side of 30?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So Far With Cleveland...

The swoon started again where it left off last night as they got walloped by Cleveland, 6-1.

At this point, you’ve got to wonder will Radhames Liz get it as a starter. Well, as we know dominating in Triple-A is one thing; doing it in the majors is quite another. He’d already hit the 100-pitch mark in the fifth inning, and on top of that he could not finish the frame and took the loss – his fifth.

Meanwhile, the Orioles bats were quite after scoring 14 runs on Monday, and Jeremy Sowers – who was only 2-8 entering the game – won his third by throwing eight strong innings where he only gave up one earned run and struck out seven.

Oh lord. There’s nothing making a mediocre pitcher look like Cy Young on any given night.

With Jim Johnson, Loewen (no longer a pitcher, now trying to makes it as a hitter in the pros), Sherill and Guthrie out with various injuries and ailments, the young pitching rotation definitely has to step it up.

However, if it can at this juncture is subject to debate.

When you draw 14,900 on a T-shirt promotion night of your most marketable player, and when some seats have been discounted to only $1 – it shows you that fans are nothing short of disinterested in what you’re selling them.

The public relations department has done it's best to reach out to fans with promotions, the opportunity to meet players, and favorable ticket pricing, but the fact is a lot of fans feel very disconnected from the team. As well, it looks more and more likely that the Orioles will have their 11th straight losing season.

The team has lost 15 out of their last 17 games — so where do we go now besides just wishing for the season to end?

It’s time to turn the page to 2009, but right now there’s no one really who has stepped up and impressed me aside from Lou Montanez – however, it remains to see what his role will be with the organization.

Cleveland Indians vs. Baltimore Orioles; Sep. 9th, 2008

Photo Gallery: Cleveland Indians vs. Baltimore Orioles; Sep. 8th, 2008

Cleveland Indians vs. Baltimore Orioles; Sep. 9th, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

O's Win Big Last Night

A sweet, resounding win by the Orioles last night at the Yard as they walloped on the Indians, 14-3, thanks to good pitching by Olson, timely hitting with four home runs (highlighted by a 7-run sixth inning and a 5-run eighth).

Even better, it ended a miserable eight game skid. With a little more than three weeks left in the regular season, perhaps Baltimore can get it's act together and make life miserable for some contenders. With Jim Johnson, Loewen (no longer a pitcher, now trying to makes it as a hitter in the pros), Sherill and Guthrie out with various injuries and ailments, the young pitching rotation definitely has to step it up.

A lot has gone wrong in the past few weeks, but a strong ending to the season may get fans all happy about 2009.

Don't have much time to write today, but at writeup should be coming up in the next day or two on Lou Montanez's Q&A at the ESPN Zone as well as a piece on Brooks Robinson.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cabrera and Uninspired Baseball...

Well, it was another loss at the Yard on Saturday as they lost to the Oakland A's, 5-1. The loss was not nearly as bad what the Orioles experienced the night before, but it was still shocking.

Daniel Cabrera -- perhaps the model of inconsistency that you could ever experience on the mound -- only lasted a little more than two innings in which he gave up two earned runs. However, he walked six and had already thrown 84 pitches before all was said and done.

At this point, I would not be surprised if there was something wrong with him and if he might just be shit down for the rest of 2008. Moreover, his future with the organization has now must be in doubt, as he seems to not be improving at all despite his strong start to the year.

Alfredo Simon, who was recently signed by Baltimore, threw hard, but also served up two solo home runs, and showed you have to locate your pitches, just not try to blow it by people.

Otherwise than that, it was yet another lifeless game, and it seems that the Orioles are just playing out the stretch hoping for October to come.

Oakland hit three solo home runs -- one by Jack Hannahan, two by Jack Cust -- as well, an impressive performance by the 7-14 Greg Smith who looked like a Cy Young candidate on the mound against a Baltimore team that struggled at the plate.

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bad Baseball, Real Bad Baseball

As I sit down and look out the window on a gloomy Saturday with the rain coming down, and the wind whipping through the sky, I ask myself what the hell did I see last night in person at the Yard?

The Orioles seemed in the game, down by a run — that is, until the eighth inning — thus, little did I know how my fandom would be tested.

While sitting in a intermittent rainstorm and wondering how bad conditions would be on Saturday, the Orioles perhaps had one of their worst innings that I think I have seen in person, much less in baseball — ever.

Some teams have given up more runs throughout the course of an inning; however, how can a team walk in four runs in a frame? To add insult to injury, the pinch-runner who came in the beginning of the inning hit a grand slam home run and it served as the only hit in the frame. In the end, the Oakland A’s were handed a win 11-2, because the Oriole relief staff had severe problems even just finding the strike zone in the fatal frame in the eighth.

Last night was embarrassing, and perhaps served as probably the first time that I have left early because I was disheartened by what I saw. If there’s one thing I know, we need pitching — at this point, and into 2009 — a lot of it.

Furthermore, I feel for Dave Trembley, as to have something like this — ok, it was not nearly as bad as the 30-3 game — take place on a day where your option was picked up on your contract is just galling…

Oakland A’s vs. Baltimore Orioles; Sept. 6th, 2008

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Trembley Extended

One of the questions as to what’s going to happen in the off-season has been already answered…

From the Baltimore Sun: The Orioles announced today that they have exercised their option for the 2009 season on the contract of manager Dave Trembley. The club has also added a team option for 2010.

Trembley spent 20 years managing in the minor leagues before joining the Orioles as bullpen coach and field coordinator in 2007. After spending most of the first 2 1/2 months of that season as the club’s bullpen and interim bench coach, Trembley was named interim manager on June 18, 2007, after Sam Perlozzo was fired.

The Orioles removed the interim tag and Trembley became the 17th manager in Orioles history on Aug. 22, 2007. He has compiled a 103-129 record during his managerial tenure with the club.

I think is a move that we can all agree with. Now, let’s return back to the workday, school, or whatever we are all doing.

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Taking Stock of Things

As know you by now, the Orioles have seemed to go on their annual season swoon -- however, it's not because of they simply being bad -- it's because of injuries & and talent that has not been developed.

With Guthrie having missed a start, Cabrera ailing plus seemingly not living up his potential, as well Olson, Liz, Waters and a cast of others, along with injuries to Chris Ray, Danys Baez, Adam Loewen; alas, let's not forget the departure of Chad Bradford, is it little wonder that reality has now crashed on the Orioles?

Not really.

Like I have said, I showed great optimism that the Orioles could clinch closer to .500 thanks to their offense and pitching -- of course that was in July; however, thanks to the Orioles facing much better competition and just injuries, the organization perhaps is assured of an 11th straight losing season.

The answer is how do we improve things?

Do we go the route of the Nationals and put the future of the organization in the hands of a hoard draft picks and stock the major league roster with fringe major leaguers, until they can win?

Or we do go the route of the Tigers? Do we take a risk, sign a free agent or two, or three, and then hope the young talent improves in conjunction with big-ticket acquisitions?

Do we got the route of a Minnesota, Florida or Oakland and hoard young talent, but also use them as commodities as they improve in order to secure more of them?

Any route we go is fine; however, there's no right way to do things -- but some would say the best way to improve your team is to spend a minimal amount on the market and use young players to rise. Some have more risk than others, and for every success story like the Twins or Marlins, you have teams like the Pirates and Royals who are still looking for the magic formula.

Where do the Orioles stand?

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another Day, Another Loss

It was more of the same on Wednesday, as the Orioles lost late, 5-4, thanks to a late error by reliever Jim Miller who was recently called up from the minors. Baltimore had a conglomerate of pitchers -- all from the bullpen -- pitch, and for six innings, the plan worked perfectly. They had a 4-0, much of it due to a strong showing by Lance Cormier -- who was perhaps brought out a little too early -- but, Sarafte kept things in order until he departed the game.

Jamie Walker and Rocky Cherry -- who both have struggled -- let the Rod Sox back in the game thanks to heroics of the pesky Dustin Pedroia.

The Red Sox earned the sweep, and stay within striking distance of the Rays; meanwhile, the Orioles are pretty much trying to play out to stretch and one has to wonder how bad it could get. Perhaps we might get a break with the A's in town, but at this point, the Orioles have to play much, much better.


Well, if you still have the urge to see a ball game in September at the Yard, the team and MASN are selling tickets in select sections for $1 -- yes $1 -- in limited sections throughout the park.

Ok, so the tickets are in the far reaches of the right field upper deck & you're miles away from the field, but for the price the Orioles are charging -- make it a $1.50 if you buy online, it's a hell of a deal. Who knows if it will bump the O's attendance greatly, but they should keep a section or two like this at this price from now on considering the economy and families.

Also, the Orioles are kicking off the football season by honoring the Ravens before Saturday's 7:05pm game, as they play Sunday afternoon at home.
The first 15,000 fans ages 15 and over will receive a limited edition Ravens Rally t-shirt presented by MASN. The shirt features the Oriole Bird carrying a football and wearing a Ravens jersey. Festivities planned for the evening include appearances by mascot Poe and several Ravens cheerleaders. Members of the Marching Ravens will also perform on the lower concourse prior to the game.


Ravens PSL holders can show their cards at the Oriole Park box office to receive $7 off any regularly priced ticket (up to eight tickets per card). Non-PSL holders who show pride in their favorite teams will receive $5 off any regularly priced ticket by wearing both Ravens and Orioles articles of clothing.

Hey, the season is almost over; thus, if you have nothing to do this weekend, go and see the Orioles on the cheap.


Finally, let's remember former Oriole Todd Cruz, who tragically lost his life in a swimming accident as reported by the Baltimore Sun today.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kevin Millar Visits the ESPN Zone; August, 26th

ESPN Zone's season-long Orioles took place on Aug. 26th, and fan favorite Kevin Millar held his second Q&A at the restaurant. Legendary Maryland broadcaster Tom Davis will hosted the afternoon event, which included an autograph signings and tons of giveaways last Tuesday.

As always, Kevin was so funny and entertaining, and even belting opening tune of Orioles Magic and part of his at-bat music.

The first baseman/designated hitter talked about wanting to play a few more years in the sport and about how much he loves being in Baltimore. As well, he talked about how the Orioles Magic video came life and talked about the great team camaraderie he has experienced this season.

Millar also answered questions about his changing hairstyles, the origin of his nicknames, his friendship with Kenny Chesney, and also more serious topics like the team's need for more starting pitching. He talked as well about his favorite baseball moments, and the importance of playing team baseball.

In the end, it was clear how much he appreciated the fans (about 200 attended) and how much they appreciated him.

And obviously, the fans appreciated Kevin's candor, and his ability to have fun with those in attendance...

Kevin Millar at the ESPN Zone; August 26th, 2008

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The Bottom Is Falling Out...

I was generally optimistic that the Orioles could have made a strong run at .500 and appeased fans back in late July or early August. Well, perhaps I thought that the "swoon" that has accompanied this team for the past four years like a dark cloud would magically stay away this season; however, I guess things in life often don't work out the way it should.

After a sweep by the Rays, we've now lost two in a row to the Red Sox -- including being schooled by their offense, led by Dustin Pedroia (it's very odd I am typing this, but compare and contrast him following Ortiz in the lineup) on Monday and Tuesday. The offense has been respectable, but the pitching -- oh lord, the pitching -- has been dreadful, and even moreso when facing quality teams. Right now, the arms we have up in Baltimore cannot get the job done, and seem to be feeble against major league batters.

There was not much to write about last night, we simply got our arses kicked badly. The Orioles are now in a five-game funk, and losers of their last ten out of eleven. How much worse does it get? Now, you've got wonder if this swoon will have any bearing in Dave Trembley getting an extension or not, considering he was universally lauded for the job he's done so for?

Oh yes, with Guthrie out for at least a start, how much worse could it get?

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