Monday, September 15, 2008

Help Comes When You Least Expect It...

Class, raise your hands high — I mean real, real high — if you expected Radhames Liz to go eight shutout innings on Sunday afternoon.

Ok, if anyone expected him go to eight — much less six, or even five shutout innings — you might want to consider stopping at a 7-Eleven in Washington D.C., Delaware, or over the Pennsylavania border and start playing Powerball.

Out of nowhere and a day after giving up 24 runs in a doubleheader on Saturday, Liz threw a gem and gave the Orioles a much needed win over the Twins, 7-3. Despite things getting little interesting in the ninth inning with the return of George Sherrill, Liz dominated one of the best teams in baseball and thanks to the aid of five home runs — two from Markakis and Oscar Salazar (?) — finally, the Orioles earned a resounding win for the first time in a good, long while.

I didn’t know what was wrong with Liz at the major league level considering he dominated in the minors, but he had command, only walked one and sometimes just focusing rather than blowing it by people makes all the difference.

Was Sunday an aberration for Liz? Who knows, but the kid has finally given us a lot to look forward to, if he can be consistent.

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