Friday, September 19, 2008

The Way It Is, Cabrera and Twins-Orioles Photos From Saturday's Doubleheader...

It was another loss for the Orioles -- this time, a close one -- as they lost to the Jays, 3-2. The O's offense was quieted, and Garrett Olson was decent; however, they could do little against Jesse Litsch.

This is becoming a sad march towards the final two weeks of the season, as the Orioles have lost 19 out of their last 24 games, and Daniel Cabrera has now joined Jeremy Guthrie and Jim Johnson on the DL.

At this point, you've really got to wonder if Daniel will be in an Oriole uniform, or perhaps non-tendered. After a number of years, he who he is, or if he goes off to another team, "will the light finally flicker on"?

But hey, you could be Erik Bedard. Boy, how far has his stock dropped? Again, Andy MacPhail looks like a total genius for making that move...

Finally, it looks the Orioles may have some good news to wrap up the season -- according to the Baltimore Sun, Aubrey Huff, Nick Markakis and Brian Roberts are on pace to hit at least 50 doubles this season, which would make them the first three teammates to accomplish that feat in the same season.

That would be an amazing feat.

Meanwhile, here are some Twins vs. Orioles photos from the doubleheader on Saturday night...

Minnesota Twins vs. Baltimore Orioles; Sep. 13th, Game One

Minnesota Twins vs. Baltimore Orioles; Sep. 13th, Game Two

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