Monday, September 22, 2008

The Weekend That Was…

While the Yankees were shown on ESPN as the main feature of their Sunday Night Baseball broadcast, and the Orioles were bit players in the whole spectacle -- they lost again, 7-3 -- I appreciated as a fan the effort our guys gave on Friday and Saturday.

Liz was impressive, and I still don't know what to think of Burres' amazing performance -- wow.

Burres, needless to say, has struggled throughout the season looked like, well an ace as he went seven innings, gave up three hits, struck out two and gave no runs.

Ok, so this is probably not ever going to be the norm for Burres; however, the past week has shown us that Oriole pitching does have some potential in the future if it can be consistent.

Speaking about pitchers, I got a question for you all -- if Bedard based on his numbers and lack of success during the '08 tenure gets non-tendered by Seattle, do you all think there's a door open for him in Baltimore?

Finally, for anyone who might have been at Yankee Stadium this weekend, it would be real interesting to hear a story or two. However, there's nothing like revisionist history -- why was Roger Clemens along with Joe Torre omitted from the ceremonies?

The fact that Clemens was left out was obvious; alas, then why were Giambi and Pettitte cheered on the field?

But the fact Torre was left out of the whole pomp and circumstance -- he only did win 4 World Series for New York -- was galling.

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1 comment:

Deaner said...

Liz is impressive. I saw him pitch a game for the Tides against the Toledo Mud Hens earlier this summer.

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