Friday, September 5, 2008

Taking Stock of Things

As know you by now, the Orioles have seemed to go on their annual season swoon -- however, it's not because of they simply being bad -- it's because of injuries & and talent that has not been developed.

With Guthrie having missed a start, Cabrera ailing plus seemingly not living up his potential, as well Olson, Liz, Waters and a cast of others, along with injuries to Chris Ray, Danys Baez, Adam Loewen; alas, let's not forget the departure of Chad Bradford, is it little wonder that reality has now crashed on the Orioles?

Not really.

Like I have said, I showed great optimism that the Orioles could clinch closer to .500 thanks to their offense and pitching -- of course that was in July; however, thanks to the Orioles facing much better competition and just injuries, the organization perhaps is assured of an 11th straight losing season.

The answer is how do we improve things?

Do we go the route of the Nationals and put the future of the organization in the hands of a hoard draft picks and stock the major league roster with fringe major leaguers, until they can win?

Or we do go the route of the Tigers? Do we take a risk, sign a free agent or two, or three, and then hope the young talent improves in conjunction with big-ticket acquisitions?

Do we got the route of a Minnesota, Florida or Oakland and hoard young talent, but also use them as commodities as they improve in order to secure more of them?

Any route we go is fine; however, there's no right way to do things -- but some would say the best way to improve your team is to spend a minimal amount on the market and use young players to rise. Some have more risk than others, and for every success story like the Twins or Marlins, you have teams like the Pirates and Royals who are still looking for the magic formula.

Where do the Orioles stand?

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