Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kevin Millar Visits the ESPN Zone; August, 26th

ESPN Zone's season-long Orioles took place on Aug. 26th, and fan favorite Kevin Millar held his second Q&A at the restaurant. Legendary Maryland broadcaster Tom Davis will hosted the afternoon event, which included an autograph signings and tons of giveaways last Tuesday.

As always, Kevin was so funny and entertaining, and even belting opening tune of Orioles Magic and part of his at-bat music.

The first baseman/designated hitter talked about wanting to play a few more years in the sport and about how much he loves being in Baltimore. As well, he talked about how the Orioles Magic video came life and talked about the great team camaraderie he has experienced this season.

Millar also answered questions about his changing hairstyles, the origin of his nicknames, his friendship with Kenny Chesney, and also more serious topics like the team's need for more starting pitching. He talked as well about his favorite baseball moments, and the importance of playing team baseball.

In the end, it was clear how much he appreciated the fans (about 200 attended) and how much they appreciated him.

And obviously, the fans appreciated Kevin's candor, and his ability to have fun with those in attendance...

Kevin Millar at the ESPN Zone; August 26th, 2008

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