Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So Far With Cleveland...

The swoon started again where it left off last night as they got walloped by Cleveland, 6-1.

At this point, you’ve got to wonder will Radhames Liz get it as a starter. Well, as we know dominating in Triple-A is one thing; doing it in the majors is quite another. He’d already hit the 100-pitch mark in the fifth inning, and on top of that he could not finish the frame and took the loss – his fifth.

Meanwhile, the Orioles bats were quite after scoring 14 runs on Monday, and Jeremy Sowers – who was only 2-8 entering the game – won his third by throwing eight strong innings where he only gave up one earned run and struck out seven.

Oh lord. There’s nothing making a mediocre pitcher look like Cy Young on any given night.

With Jim Johnson, Loewen (no longer a pitcher, now trying to makes it as a hitter in the pros), Sherill and Guthrie out with various injuries and ailments, the young pitching rotation definitely has to step it up.

However, if it can at this juncture is subject to debate.

When you draw 14,900 on a T-shirt promotion night of your most marketable player, and when some seats have been discounted to only $1 – it shows you that fans are nothing short of disinterested in what you’re selling them.

The public relations department has done it's best to reach out to fans with promotions, the opportunity to meet players, and favorable ticket pricing, but the fact is a lot of fans feel very disconnected from the team. As well, it looks more and more likely that the Orioles will have their 11th straight losing season.

The team has lost 15 out of their last 17 games — so where do we go now besides just wishing for the season to end?

It’s time to turn the page to 2009, but right now there’s no one really who has stepped up and impressed me aside from Lou Montanez – however, it remains to see what his role will be with the organization.

Cleveland Indians vs. Baltimore Orioles; Sep. 9th, 2008

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