Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Do We Sign Mussina?

For the past week, I have heard a lot of talk on Mike Mussina and his free agency. Right now, in the position he's in, he can opt to join another team, or ride into the sunset and retire.

The man won his 20th game on Sunday -- for the first time ever -- as the New York Yankees beat their arch-rivals, the Boston Red Sox. At 40, one might think he's got one good year or two left, as well might want to return next year to inch closer to 300, so the possibility is strong that he might return.

There's been chatter on the radio, and on the 'net about Mike Mussina possible returning to Baltimore. While, it might be a good feeling amongst fans to have a guy who probably should have never left the city to return, the age factor is enough for me to say 'pass'.

Like I said about Roberts, there's no need for the organization to pay a guy some bloated salary when the money could be better served somewhere else (perhaps with a younger pitcher; i.e. Burnett -- who will opt out and is not the friendliest guy out there -- thus, it's buyer beware with him).

Sorry, the Orioles need to go younger and stay the course.

Nevertheless, I think it's a bad move to sign to Moose -- as much as I respect him -- no matter how popular it may be to do so.

We won't be getting him of the mid-1990's, we'll be getting one of a decade later and older. Jamie Moyer might be a good case to contradict what I have just written; however, Mussina is, well, still 40, and not getting any younger.


Roar from 34 said...

I don't think it'll happen, but I'd love to see Mussina back in an O's uniform. Sure, there's the nostalgia angle to it, but I also think he'd be a great mentor to young pitchers including Jeremy Guthrie. The guy has reinvented himself and saved his career. He'll still be good for 15 wins, if not more.

Unless the team pulls some amazing overhaul of the pitching staff (Burnett's not the answer, and we're not going to get a guy like Sabathia), it's going to be a case where we have to bring along our young pitchers and hope they learn how to pitch at the major league level. Who better to guide that effort - and provide a reliable option alongside Guthrie - than Mussina?

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Mussina coming back would be a dream, but I just don't know if it would be worth it.

2008 was a comeback season for him, as the past few years, he's looked as if he was closing out a fine career.

He'd be great for the squad just for the fact that Mussina would show the pitchers on the squad how to be a professional.

However, I think he only plays for the Yankees, or he retires at this point.

Byron said...

I agree that bringing back Moose would right a wrong that PA committed 10 years ago and do believe he could be a solid example for the younger pitchers but I have to agree that I think he will resign with the Yanks or retire. I don't think he would come back to a team still owned by PA unless a lot of PR was done to patch up whatever happen before he left.

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