Thursday, October 2, 2008

O, Danny Boy, Redux…

Daniel Cabrera.

The sound of his name either makes you wince, groan, or yell expletives. For years, we have been looking forward to him seeing the light and perhaps becoming a dominant majoe league pitcher; however, after a promising April and May, his whole season basically has gone to well — use your imagination.

We have been teased by potential — for example, his one-hit performance in New York at the end of 2006 — however, it’s been business as usual, walks, hit batters, a lack of control, focus and near the top of league in statistics you don’t want next to your name.

If you’re Andy MacPhail, at this point, what do we do with Cabrera? I really, really hoped that he’d turn the corner this season and was looking forward to being overly positive, instead I’m ready to see if he someone else can take his spot. Maybe he should be non-tendered, or traded.


The fear with getting rid of him is that some magical pitching coach will get Cabrera together and he’ll be our worst nightmare; alas, he could just have a ten-cent head.

Loyal readers and bloggers, should Danny Boy have the honor of wearing an Oriole jersey, or do we send him on his way out…

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