Saturday, October 18, 2008

Has The Bidding for Teixeira Already Begun?

(take my blog post article title with a grain of salt -- teams officially cannot talk with free agents until after the World Series...)

Well, it looks like Steinbrenner II -- Hank Steinbrenner -- has once again opened up his mouth and announced the Yankees grand plan to get back into the playoffs. Aside from the obvious targets for their desire -- A.J. Burnett, C.C. Sabathia, and Derek Lowe -- they want one other big name ticket item for their trophy case.

Mark Teixiera.

Needless to say, there's no doubt that they were going after the Maryland first baseman, considering they have millions upon millions coming off their books and Giambi will not most likely be re-signed.

From The Yankees' interest in Teixeira seems to make clear that longtime Yankee Jason Giambi will not be brought back. Even if the Yankees fail to sign Teixeira, they have determined they want to upgrade their defense at first base. The Angels, Orioles and perhaps the Giants and Mariners are among teams expected to show interest in Teixeira.
Baltimore needs the bat -- we need a Grade A first baseman -- however, will the organization spend the money when they are more than a couple of pieces short to be a contending team. Furthermore, he will demand a huge contract -- a nine figure one -- and if the Orioles don't improve (presuming he even signs with the team), will he want out much like he did in Texas?

I have no idea if the Orioles will attempt to sign him -- maybe they will, maybe they won't -- but the price will be high, and more so the case as Teixiera's agent is Scott Boras.

I've been on record as saying it would be a complete waste of resources to sign him, but we might as well gauge his interest and see what comes of it. If the likelihood of he signing with the organization isn't good -- let's spend the money somewhere else.

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