Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Game Five Suspened; World Series Reflections...

It was wet and wild in Philadelphia last night, almost to the point it was beyond ridiculous as to why Major League Baseball allowed Game Five of the World Series to be played.

After both teams played for quite a while in whipping wind and a downpour, the brass in Major League Baseball finally got to their senses and stopped the game in the sixth inning with both Philadelphia and Tampa tied at two.

There was a strong prospect that the World Series could have ended last night when the heavy rains came down; however, in the sixth inning, B.J. Upton -- who beat out an infield single to get on base -- stole second and was plated by a Carlos Pena base hit to tie the game.

It looked like Philadelphia would meet up with destiny as they scored twice in the first inning via a single by Shane Victorino that plated both Chase Utley and Jayson Werth; however, Tampa pitching shut down the Phillies and got out of quite a few jams.

Tampa's first run came off an Evan Longoria single that plated Carlos Pena.

Hamels was good -- but not dominant -- thus, you have to wonder if the weather and he getting hit on the hand off a foul tip hindered him in any way. Kazmir started off the game rocky, but settled into his own, and the Rays bullpen got him out trouble in the sixth inning.

Speaking of Longoria -- it's nice that he and Carlos Pena finally broke out of a depressing slump to bring some life back into the Rays. Simply put, if they had continued their drought into Monday night, the trophy would have been driving down Broad Street sooner rather than later.

In the end, the game got suspended -- for the first time ever in Series history. I don't think the game would have been called if the Phillies had the lead, simply because this is the 'World Series' and not any other game. An event of this magnitude should allow both teams every opportunity to play each and every out -- not matter how long it takes.

We will see if both teams can play tonight; however, according to the weather reports, it does not look promising as well.

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Ian said...

The games already been postponed tonight.

I am so wise said...

If a World Series, hell, for that matter any playoff game is canceled due to rain, there should a rule by which the game is either replayed in its entirety or picked up the next day. There really shouldn't be default victories, or ties for that matter, in playoff and WS games.

Bedlam said...

I was looking to watching this tonight

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