Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Manny Being Manny Show Coming to Baltimore?

Paul Heyman of Sports Illustrated ponders on Manny Ramirez will be heading since the playoffs are done -- well, at least for him. It's interesting one of the places that are possibly (and I mean loosely) in the mercurial, dreadlocked slugger.

Charm City, believe it or not.

From The Orioles are another team that has been suggested as a possible landing spot, but they are more than one player away from competing in the ultra-tough AL East. Besides, new baseball chief Andy MacPhail appears to be getting away from the big-ticket buys of the Orioles past, and if they do go for a major free agent, it's more likely to be Severna Park, Md., native and Angels star Mark Teixeira. The Angels make some sense for Ramirez, but are more likely to try to keep the much younger Teixeira, whom they love.
I think that Heyman may be pulling this out of his head, or this might be some strange rumor, but I don't see him ever playing in Baltimore unless it is on the visiting team.

Honestly, a Manny Ramirez signing would go against the M.O. of Andy McPhail and what he wants do with the organization, plus would he be a good influence on the young guys, or would he pulls the same antics he did in Boston if he's not pleased?

As well, although he'd no doubt fill some seats, is he worth the money we'd sign him for, and would he we have give up draft picks if he were signed?

I say pass.

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