Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Idiot File: PacMan Jones Suspended By The NFL...

Well, sometime people don't learn, and "Pac-Man" (no, not the Orioles Adam Jones) Adam Jones, of the Dallas Cowboys is in trouble again, and has been suspended -- indefinitely -- again.

What a dumb ass.

From ESPN: ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- The verdict is in: Pacman is out again.

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones has been suspended for at least four games for his most recent violation of the league's personal conduct policy, the NFL announced Tuesday.

The league said Jones was involved in an alcohol-related incident at a Dallas hotel on Oct. 8. Previous reports indicated Jones was involved in an alcohol-related scuffle with a bodyguard assigned to him by the Cowboys, and that hotel employees called the police.

Jones will not be paid during the suspension. Commissioner Roger Goodell will determine the ultimate length of Jones' suspension after Dallas' Week 11 game against Washington on Nov. 16.

"He does need to address the kinds of things that seem to be with him at various times and one of those that he's dealt with for a really long time, he needs to address in a way that most of us might understand -- alcohol issues," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas.

When you're given a second chance in life, you take it and do your best to not screw up.

Pacman Jones screwed it up royally. Nothing ever good happens after mid-night as I always would say to my younger brother, and too bad someone in the position of Jones can not figure it out.

Now, he's going to pay literally. Of course, as long as he's got talent, there will be someone knocking on the door to have him sign a contract to play football.

Some people never learn. Did you all really think he found Jesus considering his rap sheet?

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