Sunday, October 12, 2008

Playoff Reflections: What An Ugly God-Damn Game last Night; All is Written For The Dodgers To Take Game Three...

Well, the Rays won last night in a long, ugly, but exhilarating game in the Tropicana Dome. The game didn't end until long after 1am, as B.J. Upton plated Fernando Perez -- who was even gutsy for even attempting to score -- on a sacrifice fly to end the contest.

Dustin Pedoria -- all five-foot-right (I say five-foot-six) -- hit two homers and showed why he's an MVP candidate plus giving all short guys hope that they can make it in Major League Baseball, along with homers from Kevin Youkilis and Jason Bay.

Meanwhile, for the Rays, Evan Longoria and B.J. Upton both homered for Tampa.

Josh Beckett nor Scott Kazmir looked good, as each got touched up -- and touched up badly. it looks like both men are tired, needless to say. Both need to be on their game to really help out their teams, for sure.

Tampa had a 8-6 lead, until allowing the Red Sox to come back late. Rookie call-up David Price got the win, while long-term veteran Mike Timlin took the loss.

It's needless to say that the Rays needed to take Game Two and tie the series heading into Boston. I think the Rays will make this a close series by taking at least one game in Boston (most likely Game 4 when they face Wakefield), but the Red Sox right now seem to have a killer instinct and determination on their side.

The Rays, no doubt, are inspired to win too; however, it looks like the Red Sox are playing like men possessed...

Ah, Game three of the NLCS is upon us -- this is all tailor made for the Dodgers to whoop up some Philadelphia arse. Moyer is on the mound versus Manny and company at home -- I say L.A. wins big -- in a huge blowout.

The Manny factor will be too much, and the troops will help him out on Sunday.

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