Sunday, September 28, 2008

Yet Another Loss; The 2008 Season Is Over...

The 2008 season is over and the Orioles had another uninspired loss -- their 25th in their last 30 games (harking back to the days of Mike Hargrove) -- as they lost 10-1 to the Blue Jays. Guthrie came back and was not sharp; however, the bullpen was worse as they gave up seven unanswered runs.

We end the season at 68-93 -- and let's consider we were at 61-63 on August 17th and we all we're talking about .500, or ever better with a hot streak. However, as the competition got tougher, the injuries mounted, and the season took its toll -- things went from mediocre to just plain bad.

The only positive from today from what I could tell: Aubrey Huff was named 'The Most Valuable Oriole' (just remember how badly he was railed in April -- yes, he deserved it, but a job well done by he.)

It was more badness upon more badness, and this time no rain delay could save the Baltimore Orioles. Despite it all, there's still some sadness -- at least on my part -- that there will no more baseball within the region until next spring.

As we close the book on 2008, one can only ponder the changes in the books. Who goes, who stays?

Who is coming to town (Burnett maybe?) Do we deal Roberts? Does our second baseman want to stay despite perhaps the continuation of a lengthy rebuilding process? How do we fix the pitching?

If you need a sobering fact how bad things have gotten, just read this sentence from Roch's blog...

The finale drew 19,554 fans and the O's season attendance, for 78 home dates, was 1,950,077.

For years, the Orioles drew over 3 million people; however, as the team has gotten worse and marquee players have left, baseball is alive in Baltimore, but much of the passion is dead -- or barely alive. Just imagine if we didn't have the Red Sox or Yankees coming to partake a day or night of baseball in Baltimore.

As much work as the PR department of the team has put into getting crowds back in the park with promotions, ticket discounts, and $1 seats -- the fact of the matter is that the Orioles have been horrible. Aside from the diehards showing up, it seems that very few people will come to see bad baseball -- no matter how much prices are discounted.

It didn't have to be this way in Baltimore, or with the Nationals 40 or so miles down the road.

While we ponder of all of this, here are some shots from Friday. I'll have Sunday's later on in the week.

Toronto Blue Jays vs. Baltimore Orioles; Sep. 26, 2008

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