Monday, September 29, 2008

The Economy, The Day After & Here Come the Playoffs (I Think The Cubs Take It...)

To start today's post off, I am pissed off and let's say a tad concerned that my bank Wachovia FSB, has been merged with Citigroup (of course ALL bad news is announced on a Monday) due to the on going financial crisis. Do you think I feel better about the state of the United States economy? God forbid if anything happens with my bank account (although the FDIC protects up to $100,000).

Not really. Let's pray nothing happens further...


As the season has come to sad, but merciful end, I'd like to hand-out my own awards to select Orioles who have a difference, or perhaps have stunk it in ways we could not have imagined.

O's MVP and Comeback Player of the Year: Easy choice, Aubrey Huff. I know we have a bunch of Nick Markakis' lovers and admirers, but without Huff -- especially the way he began the year with fans and just delivered time and time again -- the O's would even be more worse off.

Least Valuable Oriole: Daniel Cabrera. In April-May, I was expecting him to perhaps improve after a string of strong performances; however, he regressed -- almost to the point of being worse off than he ever was and earning a one-way ticket out of Baltimore. I'm sure the guy tried, but if he can't get anyone out, leads the league in walks and hits, plus, has shown little-to-no-improvement, it's time to cut bait with him after five years.

Best Newcomer: Adam Jones. The kid is still raw, and has shown flashes of brilliance -- however, I am amazed with his play in field, as he moves like he's a ten year veteran, not a second year player. Expect his ceiling to be very high. I would have given Sherrill honors, but he faded after the All-Star break and fought injury; while Luke Scott has a lot of good on his part, his .255 average does nothing for me.

Moment of the Year: The Orioles comeback against the Tigers where they won 11-10.

Moment to Forget: Actually, everything after August 17th; a horrible bullpen; kids not ready for prime-time. A 7-30 finish. Not good.

The playoffs:

As the Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers play today to determine if Ozzie and crew play in a one game playoff against the Twins for the AL Central; here are my picks -- if anyone disagrees with me, feel free to leave a comment...

ALDS, Series One: Rays vs White Sox/Twins (I am picking the Twins here)
Winner: Rays

ALDS, Series Two: Angels vs. Red Sox
Winner: Angels barely win.

NLDS, Series One: Cubs vs. Dodgers
Winner: Cubs, although I think the Dodgers truly gives Chicago a run for their money...

NLDS, Series Two: Brewers vs. Phillies
Winner: Brewers. I think the Phillies choke.

ALCS: Rays vs. Angels
Winner: Angels barely get by the Rays, this goes at least six games.

NLCS: Cubs vs. Brewers
Winner: The Cubs play an epic series with the Brewers. Milwaukee gets killed without Sheets, but fight Chicago tooth and nail.

World Series: Cubs vs. Angels
Winner: I think destiny is on Chicago's side, but anything in the playoffs is possible.

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