Monday, August 11, 2008

The Roundup...

With about 46 games left in the season, the Orioles head to the Midwest where they'll take on the Indians and Detroit Tigers before coming back home to face the Red Sox and Yankees.

Despite everything that's been going with the team, it's been a pleasant surprise to see them four games under .500 after the dire predictions that many had in the media in the spring. Some fans are obviously disappointed that more moves were not made such as moving a Sherrill (I would not have minded seeing him dealt), Huff, Millar or Payton.

At this point, with the move of Chad Bradford to the Tampa Bay Rays -- there's one thing that has been abundantly made clear -- the rebuilding plan has not been deviated from in light of how the Orioles have done this season.

Now, being that we are in mid-August, I say bring up the kids and see what we've got. Things seem to be in motion with the promotion of Chris Waters from Norfolk, and slugger Luis "Lou" Montanez from Bowie. Will we see Bergesen, Wieters, McCrory or any assortment of the talent we have down in the minors? It will remain to be seen; however, I can say -- this is the first time in years I have felt positive about the direction of the Baltimore Orioles.

David Steele, in his column in the Sun this morning, alluded to the topic of the Orioles' rebuilding, and Amber Theoharis of MASN thinks the rebuilding process is giving notice to all the minor leaguers in the system that an opportunity is awaiting at the big league level if you can show your stuff.

The Sun's Peter Schmuck posted on his blog today that Jamie Walker might be moved (as he's cleared waivers). For me, I liked Jamie and he was a good soldier, plus entertaining; however, much like Bradford -- there's no point paying a guy X amount of money on a rebuilding team, especially if their speciality is getting a man who bats on a certain side of the plate out.

MASN's Roch Kubatko reports what's going down in the minors; Steve Melewski has more on the Chad Bradford trade; Sean Welsh has a report card on the Orioles from the weekend that passed; Orioles Hangout Scott Hoffman has a profile on Luke Scott; Nowick Gray has a look at the second half for the Orioles; Tony Pente wonders if the Orioles should replace George Sherrill as the closer.

Finally, during the weekend, former closer Gregg Olson was inducted into the Orioles' Hall of Fame along with traveling secretary Bill Itzoe and "Wild" Bill Hagy.

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