Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thanks, Baseball

I wrote this many years ago -- in 2006 -- on the old blog about my Spring Training trip to the old stadium in Fort Lauderdale. Although the Orioles moved from South Florida a few years ago to their shiny, modern new Spring Training home at Ed Smith in Sarasota, the old stadium and that area brings back some fond memories.

With camp opening up next week, here's a little story from a random Spring Training game against the Cardinals that I went to. It's amazing some of the people you meet at a baseball game and how a love of a sport can start a friendship.


I am never one to be all sentimental about a game, or much less a day at all the ballpark; however, an experience that myself and my friend from Jersey has showed me on my trip that baseball can indeed be a marvellous thing. Even if it's a meaningless Spring Training game for the two teams involved.

It does not have anything to do with the play on the field, but the various people that one meets at the ballpark. Sometimes, you can be lucky and strike up a friendship.

On Tuesday, we were going to go to the box office and buy tickets as close as we possibly could for the Cardinals/Orioles game. Well, in lieu of doing so, a friendly man offered us to complimentary tickets, and happy to have received a stroke of good luck, we said ok.

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