Monday, June 25, 2012

The State of the Orioles Address 2012

Before Saturday's game the Orioles GM Dan Duquette joined manager Buck Showalter for a Q+A session with season ticket plan holders.

The session started 15 minutes before five under a simply gorgeous summer sky here in Baltimore. Jim Hunter, as usual, emceed the event wich took place on top of the thirdbase dugout. Duquette took his seat, and Buck strode across the grass behind the batting cage the crowd, three sections strong, greeted him with a chorus of cheers and applause. The session was delayed for a couple minutes as about a dozen fans mobbed Buck for autographs - he obliged as much as he could.

Dan Duquette opened with a wry smile and an almost sardonic response to the opening question from Hunter. Hunter asked the GM to characterize the season so far, 70 games in; Duquette responded with a crooked smile: "I think we are doing good." Showalter continued the sentiment with a more realistic, "To be continued," Showalter went on, "I woke up this morning and there was a team ahead of us in the division, so we have to take care of business."

Before the fans in attendance were allowed to ask questions Hunter lobbed the usual soft-toss questions that one sees at these events. Buck characterized the perceived "new attitude" of the team as just having "better players," and players "playing better." Buck did give a rather hearty shout-out to the city of Baltimore and the fans:

"The players love the support...and they can hear it in the dugout and talk about it..." he continued, "I am very proud of the city of Baltimore"
From this point the fans were allowed to ask questions. These events are more nice gesture and PR than real baseball discussion. Jim Hunter reminded fans midway through that Duquette and Showalter were forbidden from talking about other teams' players or potential deals for said players due to tampering rules.

On Lew Ford, this was the first question.

Duq - "Buck an I were talking about him yesterday," He loved his power and OBP. "You may see him up here," he said. On the same issue Buck countered that he "likes the players that he has up here" and reminded everyone that for every player to come up, someone has to go down.
On moves as the trade deadline nears.

Duquette feels that they have "a lot of answers within the organization," but he of course wants to add talent and make the team better if the right moves come along. The GM alluded to the team's pitching depth between AAA and the majors after a Hunter followup question. If one wants to read between the lines here Duquette is obviously fielding calls and it seems that some of that young pitching will be on the block.

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