Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Playoffs Are Here...

Now, the playoffs are here for the Baltimore Orioles and everyone in Birdland. Never did I think this would come; however, by Saturday morning, we will all know whether the Orioles will take on the New York Yankees or go home.

Whether the Orioles win or lose of Friday, a franchise that was pretty much moribund has had life injected back into it thanks to a winning season.

Although people look for something into sports that may or may not sometimes exist, the Birds have brought a community of like-minded fans back together and their success has made us all believe more is possible.
The future for the Baltimore franchise is brighter than it has even been over the past two decades, and they matched up against the big boys of the American League East in 2012.

Many people don’t believe that a manager makes a difference; however, it is clearly evident the influence Buck Showalter has had with the Orioles. He’s changed the culture with the franchise, given his players confidence, accountability, but most important – has given them a winning mentality.

Joe Saunders takes the hill against the Rangers on the road in Arlington, Texas, and the season for Baltimore will ride on how his arm. Yu Darvish toes the rubber for the Rangers, and although he struggled in July and August, the tall Japanese hurler has done the job in September.

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