Monday, June 3, 2013

Extremely Expensive Bowling Balls that You Probably Couldn't Afford

Some of us are willing to spend a lot more money on our favorite pastimes than others. Traditionally, bowling is not considered to be a particularly expensive endeavor. A new ball will usually set you back between $50 and $150, and then you might need a pair of bowling shoes and a good bowling bag, like the ones you can find at Overall, it requires a small initial investment and then just the price of maintenance plus the cost of renting a lane at the bowling alley. However, there are ways you can drive the costs up by getting a very expensive bowling ball like the ones in the list below.

1. Yoda Bowling Ball

There are tons of bowling balls out there that feature custom designs and they are all more expensive than regular balls. However, the exact cost will depend on the intricacy of the design. A perfect example is one bowling ball which has a very detailed portrait of Yoda from Star Wars on it. The workmanship alone will drive up the price, but then you also need to consider that just about anything with Star Wars on it is considered a collectible by many.

2. Skull Ball

The price of this ball goes up because it is a movie prop. It was used in the 1999 superhero movie Mystery Men by The Bowler, a character played by Janeane Garofalo. The movie wasn’t a hit, but it became a cult classic and still has a following.

3. Rose Ball

Kingpin is the most iconic bowling movie ever made and in it the main villain played by Bill Murray had a distinctive bowling ball with a rose inside it. This ball later went to auction and it was reportedly sold for around $20,000. BowlingBag-9-3.jpg

Whenever you are in need of quality bowling products such as bowling bags, visit and you will find a large selection available to you at affordable prices.

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