Friday, August 7, 2009

The Losing

After a tough loss on Wednesday night, and a thrashing on Thursday at the hands of the Detroit Tigers, the Orioles are roughly 2/3 or more through the season and with the state of the team, what's really left to pay attention to?

As it is, the Orioles are heading to their 12th losing season, at least, we get to see the young pitching come up and see who can stick at the major league level, and who doesn't have it. However, with all the optimism, the veteran on the squad -- Jeremy Guthrie -- may have had his poor season and his overall circumstances get to him this week.

One day after skipping out on his media responsibilities, Jeremy Guthrie set out to make things right. Guthrie, who had elected not to speak after his start against the Tigers on Wednesday night, made a beeline to reporters on Thursday morning and issued a heartfelt apology off the cuff.

"I'm apologetic for not making myself available," he said, "when obviously it was a game in which I pitched and needed to make some comments, to talk about how well the team played. I think we played really, really well defensively and we got shut down by a really good pitcher who was on top of his game."

Guthrie, who had never missed an interview before, said that he understood that he had a responsibility to his fans, and more to the point, that he sets an example to Baltimore's quartet of rookie starting pitchers. The right-hander said frankly that he understands that speaking after his starts is part of his job.

"Ultimately, I was hoping to take a night off," he said. "And looking back on it, it was not the right decision, especially in this circumstance. I guess my regret is that I did it and it was kind of misinterpreted. Hopefully, going forward, I anticipate making myself available for all the standard times that we have to be available."

One can understand Guthrie's -- or anyone's frustration -- at how 2009 has gone; however, one has to be a professional and accountable not only to the media, but to the fans who pay to watch them.

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