Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Same Old Story

It's the second half of the season, and with football coming around the corner, it looks like it's the same old story with the Orioles. After winning 3-2 last night against Oakland and giving David Hernandez his fourth major league win, the Orioles behind Jason Berken struggled again.

In the end, Oakland beat Baltimore, 6-3, thanks to a huge 4th inning and taking advantage of Berken leading him to his 10th loss of the season. Once again, they were killed on the afternoon thanks to a lack of hitting, focus in the field, and minor lapses that gave the A's opportunities to score. I just watched some of the game online, and it goes without saying Baltimore could have played a lot better.

As much as I have said, I want to see the young players develop -- and they have been doing a decent job considering the circumstances -- it's hard as a fan to watch the Orioles lose night and night out. The Orioles are not doubt trying -- seriously -- but perhaps a tough season, a lack of talent, and the every day doldrums are leading this team down a losing path.

Really, I don't care about a winning season right now, I just want to see improvement. If there's any positive, we're doing it with youth and men who could be a part of the future in Baltimore, not your retreads.

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