Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Changes to Coaching Staff; Jauss Gone

It looks like the Orioles have already made personnel changes, and it looks like coaching staff will not the same when Spring Training along with the 2010 season comes around.

I guess there were going to be changes come about from a 98-loss season (and a 12th under .500), so there will be more.

From the Baltimore Sun: All but one of the Orioles 2009 coaches will be back on Dave Trembley's staff next season.

Trembley said Tuesday that Dave Jauss, who has been Trembley's bench coach for the past two seasons, will not return in 2010. The rest of the group will resume their 2009 responsibilities: pitching coach Rick Kranitz, hitting coach Terry Crowley, first base coach John Shelby, third base coach Juan Samuel and bullpen coach Alan Dunn.

None will be considered for bench coach.

Therefore, Trembley will be searching only for a right-hand man, who also likely will serve as the spring training coordinator. Trembley said there is no specific timetable for the hiring.

"We'll take our time, compile a list of potential candidates for the bench coach position," Trembley said, "And as the offseason progresses, we'll make a decision."

I'm not sure why Jauss is now out of a job -- whether he was not asked back or on his own accord -- let's wish him the best of luck. There's probably a lot that goes on that we fans are obviously not privy to. Maybe the staff didn't get a long, or he wanted to move on, who knows...

There's one man on the staff who received a lot of heat for some of the baserunning gaffes -- Juan Samuel -- who will be back in Baltimore next season. I know some fans were angry about his work as third base coach, plus overall lack of base-running fundamentals, but I'd like to see if things turn around in '10.

I cannot remember anyone complaining about Samuel the year prior; however, with the losing and what was seen this season, let's hope the team shows some more discipline.

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