Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Playoff Reflections; A-Rod, C.C., Cliff Lee, & a Tale of a Few Former Orioles

I've been away for a few days on travel, but right now the 2009 playoffs have been extremely compelling for the most part, with every game coming down to crucial-at-bats, timely hitting, and of course pitching and more pitching.

It's amazing to see how far, far different playoff baseball especially with the elite teams than it is (no offense) watching the Baltimore Orioles day in and day out. I've got in my mind now that we're going to see a Yankees-Phillies World Series, which would kind of be nice for me that I might have the chance to catch in game in person. I think the New York Yankess take it all simply because Alex Rodriguez is finally coming together at the most critical time, and besides -- perhaps -- Albert Pujols, he is the BEST all-around player in the last generation.

I know some Yankee fans over the years have flamed, tarred and cussed at Rodriguez for his failings in the playoffs; however, he's looking to be the man now.

The Yankees may have a store-bought team, but their guys produce ans execute. I don't know if I'd give Joe Girardi credit for helping the Yankees, but I think their core -- Jeter, Rivera, Pettitte, Rodriguez, and Posada -- know what to do to win. Also, it looks like Cano returned in 2009, and the reserves they've plugged in have delivered. The whole team is clicking the playoffs, and their bullpen is much, much better than expected -- in fact, they look better now than they did in the regular season.

I do think the big X-factor for the Yankees was the acquisition of C.C. Sabathia. I really thought he should have never left the National League, and was going to struggle again in the American Lrague at times. For most part, he's been very good in the American League and while his numbers are nowhere near as dominating as he was with the Brewers last season, he's showing in these playoffs why he's getting paid the big bucks.

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