Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Orioles, The New Jersey Turnpike and Yankees on Parade...

This weekend, I decided to go to Maine for a wonderful weekend (it is ever cold here), plus work on a potential deal here. However, on the way up there on I-9, I ran into Yankee fans in Tony Soprano Country.

A lot of them.

I stopped at two rest stops in New Jersey and just saw Yankee paraphernalia everywhere – hats, caps, and all. There were tons of families all decked out in navy blue who wanted to see the happy little parade in Manahattan, and I decided to chat it up with them briefly. Honestly, I was bored, surfing the nets, checking work email and had another 9 hours to drive, so I introduced myself and said congrats to them, plus hoped their kids savior the experience along with a hooky day from school.

The fellow who did most of the talking was from Swedesboro, NJ and grew up in the Bronx – needless to say, he is a huge fan. I told him was an Oriole fan and we chatted really quickly about the series, and then the conversation moved into the talent level of the Yankees.

I don’t remember word-for-word what I said, but while I believed they bought their team, they deserved it as for a change the Yankees spent their money very wisely.

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