Monday, November 30, 2009

Liz to Padres, the Hall of Fame...

Well, this week, the Orioles decided to put pitcher Radhames Liz on waivers and the San Diego Padres picked him up. It's safe to assume that Liz was no longer going to be in the Orioles plans for the future as once the young arms -- mainly, Brian Matusz, Chris Tillman -- emerged, he was an after thought. I'm not sure if Liz is a 4A pitcher, but he's got good stuff in his arsenal and while he performed in the minors, he could not hack when given the chance with Baltimore.

I wish him luck with the San Diego organization. Right now, I don't envision him as a starter, but as a a potential reliever.


  • A few former Orioles are up for Hall of Fame bids and they include Harold Baines, David Segui (yeah, right), Tim Raines, Lee Smith, Pat Hentgen and Roberto Alomar. Of the names listed, Alomar is obviously a no-brainer, while Raines has a decent a shot for a bid. Harold Baines was one hell of a hitter and a nice guy; however, he being a designated hitter for much of his career really hurts his chances of getting in.

  • Aside from former the former Orioles who are up for Hall of Fame bids, other prominent names include Andre Dawson, Bert Blyleven, Mark McGwire, Dale Murphy, Alan Trammell, Jack Morris, Dave Parker, Fred McGriff, Andres Galarraga, Barry Larkin and Don Mattingly. I say that Blyleven has a great shot of getting a bid this year, as well as Dawson and Larkin.

Sorry for the lack of posts for the last month, I've needed to take some time off and deal with some personal issues. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and enjoyed the food, although I would not have liked to have been out at the stores on Black Friday. Then again, I'd rather have played Texas Hold-Em Online with people I didn't know than deal than endure long-lines and people with short tempers!

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Charley said...

This is Dawson's year to get in. I would love to see Raines get in with him since they were best friends on the Expos. Smith and Alomar deserve in as well.

Andre Dawson for the Hall of Fame

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