Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The News of the Day: Tiger Woods, the White House Crashers and the Mayor of Baltimore...

Hero worship is a very, very dangerous thing.

I'll say this again -- just because someone hits, catches, throws a ball, or runs really well and performs a superhuman act, we have no idea who in the world they are. Sadly, we are finding that about Mr. Woods. We, the public should admire our athletes for their gifts; however, it doesn't correlate them into being a superior human being than a regular Joe. While we all don't know the details of his drama, the more I see, the more sordid it's beginning to sound.

We make mistakes, they do too. Then again, the mistakes of us regular people are not on display to the world. That's the crazy price of celebrity.

Um, I've been following this Salahi couple for a few days (only because we can't be rid of them); however, at the first I find their escapade funny. Then, I thought more about it (the potential danger to President Obama and the elite at the dinner, the brazeness, the desperation of this couple for fame) and I figure they should have the book thrown at them, if they ever incur charges. If you want to become famous, work at it and be honorable, don't be idiots.

Finally, Ms. Sheila Dixon, I'd like to have a measure of sympathy for you, but I cannot.

Stealing money from poor people is never a good thing, and using it for your own purposes -- especially as a mayor of a major American city -- is just ornery and a serious violation of a sacred public trust. When $600 dollars -- the amount of the gift cards used in question -- could potentially cost you your job and a potential $80,000 plus-grand-a-year-for-life once you leave, you've got issues.

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