Thursday, December 10, 2009

Buck Martinez leaves MASN

Orioles broadcaster Buck Martinez will not return to the pressbox in Camden Yards next year. Martinez will be the in-house personality for the Toronto Blue Jays. Martinez was, of course, a former catcher and manager of the Jays so he will fit right in the Toronto booth.

Will I miss Martinez? Well, you bet..

Sorry, had to be done.

Honestly I never had a problem with Buck, he was a fine enough announcer. He wasn't anything that was remarkably memorable in the history of Baltimore broadcasting, but he was solid enough. For some reason Orioles fans tend to be rather hard on the MASN team of broadcasters. Davis, Hunter and Dempsey are too "polly-anna"; Palmer is too full of himself; Thorne reacts too positively to other teams. I have heard it all. I guess until we ressurrect Chuck Thompson no one will be happy.

MASN has made no indication yet as to who will take Buck's place in the booth - I think I know a young Baltimorean with a golden throat who would love to take a crack at it.

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