Saturday, June 25, 2011

Orioles Finally Get into the Win Column; Things are Down and Dirty in Washington...

After a rather difficult week where the Orioles saw the surging Nationals and Pirates take two out of three games in their respective series, they had another tough customer in the Cincinnati Reds.

Few Oriole fans have been happy this week, considering the team is now six games under .500; however, they pulled out a win last night in 12 innings as they defeated the Reds, 5-4. I've out of town due to some personal stuff and following stuff sparingly, but I saw clips and pieces of the game on and saw the awesome ending courtesy of Derrek Lee's walk-off homer in the 12th.

Lee looks like he's finally putting it together at the plate, now batting .247 on the season.

Is Lee starting to get hot at the plate? Is he climbing back to his career norms? Or is taking advantage of facing the National League (where he played for a long time)? Could it also be that Father Time is taking a vacation away from Derrek Lee? Who knows? As long as he keeps swinging the bat like he has, we'll take it.

Good to see the Orioles win after a difficult loss in Pittsburgh. Also, it was nice to know that Blake Davis got his first career major league hit in last night's game. The bullpen was very impressive, especially Koji Uehara, who I got to see pitch for two innings.

Honestly, the Baltimore bullpen has been shaky, but the combo of Jim 'J.J.' Johnson and Koji Uehara can't be beat. It was also good to see beleagured reliever Mke Gonzalez hold things in check during the 12th inning and get the win.

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