Thursday, June 9, 2011

Video: Adam Jones Speaks to Oriole Bloggers on June 7th

On June 7th, MASN in conjunction with the Baltimore Orioles held another team blogger day at Camden Yards. We all got to speak with center fielder Adam Jones and did a Q&A session with him on many, many topics.

Oriole-centric team blogs, Camden Chat, Camden Depot and Camden Crazies joined in the fun, along with some fans who were on the field for pre-game meet and greet.

In particular, one older gentleman decided to butt in our Q&A session with Jones and peppered him about questions concerning bunting, infield practice and some other prattle.

The other bloggers looked at him like what the "f**k are you doing?", however, at least when the man spoke, it was interesting. Plus, Adam's responses to him were priceless and reminds us all that perception isn't always reality.

Our questions to Adam Jones centered around the team so far, travel, life as a major leaguer, the draft, facing his old team and more. Stacey from Camden ChatCamden Chat has a great synposis of the Q&A, and Camden CraziesCamden Crazies along with Camden DepotCamden Depot have their thoughts.

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