Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Orioles Still Don't Have a GM...

On Thursday, the official start of free agency begins in Major League Baseball and the Baltimore Orioles still do not have a general manager.

Yesterday, Tony LaCava – who currently is under employment with the Toronto Blue Jays – turned down the offer from the organization, after meeting with the organization a few times and getting pretty far in the interview process. It seemed like LaCava was the man for the job; however, for one reason or another, he was not exactly feeling the Orioles.

Considering there are only 30 general manger jobs in Major League Baseball - and they don’t open up often - it’s a little surprising to see someone turn it down.

At the moment, I would assume the principals of the story really know what happened, but the Orioles are in a pretty rough spot now. I guess one must wonder how the organization could not fill a position with such importance when they knew it was being vacated for a while.

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