Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Luke Scott and Moves Made...

The Baltimore Orioles attended to some businessThe Baltimore Orioles attended to some business last night as they will probably tender contracts to several of their players who are eligible for arbitration – including Brad Bergesen (a mild surprise); meanwhile, they have decided to cut slugger Luke ScottLuke Scott and pitcher Jo-Jo Reyes loose.

Neither Scott nor Reyes being cut was a huge surprise.

Scott was hurt for much of last year, his numbers dipped, so the Orioles made him expendable; however, it’s seems that both sides are up for a reunion. Then again, Scott is now a free agent, but the Orioles do want him back – at their price, and not at north of $5-6 million per year.

He’s got value as a slugger, despite his streaky nature; however, at 33, is Scott part of the future of the Baltimore Orioles?

I know he’s popular despite his politics and over-the-top statements at times. Then again, at this point, should the team move onto seeing what some of the younger guys could do since they are in a rebuilding phase?

Then again, Luke could come cheap (a key)Luke could come cheap (a key) and give the Orioles a left-handed power bat. Why not sign him to a year, or on a year-to-year deal without much risk.

That’s an interesting question to ponder.

As for Reyes, he’s just another arm and would give the team depth on the pitching staff.

Well, he’s not that good. The team can find better. Reyes could not be counted upon as a starter, but was a decent mop-up guy/reliever.

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