Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Winter Meetings...

This week, the annual MLB Winter Meetings will be taking place in Dallas, Texas. Once again, fans and the baseball world are looking forward to what happens.

While the Miami Marlins, St. Louis Cardinals, Washington Nationals and a few other teams seem to be in the headlines nationally right now, one has to wonder what the Baltimore Orioles will do.

As James noted on Friday, the Orioles have made some moves – albeit, minor – and have been rounding up their new front office under new general manager Dan Duquette.

However, the Orioles don’t seem to be a factor at this year’s winter meetings – of course, what I am writing is based on what I’ve read as of today.

So far, based on what we’ve all gotten from the local media, Baltimore will be looking for value signings and getting talent via trades. Right now, it doesn’t look like the Orioles will be in play for some of the bigger bats and arms out there.

That may or may not be the case; however, we as fans would like the Orioles to make an impact signing.

At this point, we know Baltimore will more than likely not contend for anything in 2012 and are still in a rebuilding phase.

Then again, signing a big name – as prudent as it may or may not be – would show the baseball world that the Orioles do mean ‘business’ and want to make waves in the sport.

Right now, Baltimore needs pitching – both starting and relief.

The young arms – from what we saw last season – perhaps were not ready for primetime. Zach Britton had his ups and downs; Jake Arrieta got hurt; we all know about Brian Matusz; Brad Bergesen struggled and Chris Tillman could not muster any consistency.

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The Oriole in SC said...
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The Oriole in SC said...

According to this, it seems like there are some meet and greets at least between Danny D and Prince. Never know what can happen at the meetings.

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