Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Orioles Pull One Out in Texas; Rubber Game Tonight...

Again, the Baltimore Orioles continue to amaze. It is now August 22nd and they are still in the playoff hunt, plus they still hold the second wild card spot.

The amazing season continued as they won again, this time in Texas against the Rangers, 5-3. After a loss on Monday night, they bounced back yesterday as Chris Tillman’s (6-2) nice outing combined with the bullpen and a four-run fifth bolstered Baltimore to their 67th victory of the season. It was another close game and they pulled it out.
An RBI-double by J.J. Hardy along with a two-run homer by Nate McLouth (his forst of the year) in the fifth inning provided Baltimore with the offense they needed.
I’ve been impressed with McLouth. His career seemed to be over a few years ago, but he’s been quite a contributor for the Orioles and seems to do the little things right. I’m not sure if McLouth can ever return to his All-Star caliber status; however, the Orioles have gotten a lot from him in the past month or so.
Manny Machado had two hits – including an RBI-triple - for the Orioles after struggling at the plate in the past few games.

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